4 Food Ideas for Your Spring Soiree

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Need fresh ideas for taking the party outdoors? Spring soirees that take place out in the open are more popular than ever. This is the year of bringing back the simplicity of backyard party planning, outdoor hangs, weekend barbecues, and all types of picnics supplied by a basket of goodies. 

Even if it’s Friday and you’re just getting ready for Saturday, it’s never too late to find out about a few new fresh and amazing food ideas for your outdoor planning. The key is in combining quality with simplicity. Below you’ll find some helpful tips to tuck away for when you need them.

1. Prepackaged Upscale Snack Foods Keep Things Simple and Easy

Perhaps the first mistake outdoor party planners make is in overcomplicating their snack ideas. Sure, fancy salads, messy sandwiches and platters of deviled eggs can be wonderful for certain occasions, but there will be considerations you may not have thought of. The more complex the dish, the higher the chance that it will also introduce some unexpected wrinkles in your plan, such as guests with dietary restrictions or those whose tastes go in another direction.

Here are some considerations when snack planning, all of which can be resolved with a healthy supply of Funky Chunky’s prepackaged snack food items:

  1. Will it stay fresh while out in the sun, or is there a chance of spoiling? 
  2. Is it universally popular or does it only appeal to a select group of foodies?
  3. Can it be distributed easily to a bunch of friends?
  4. Does it have dressing that can easily stain clothing?
  5. Can it be consumed by vegetarians?
  6. Does it come prepackaged or will you have to deal with special storage needs? 
  7. Can it be re-packed easily in to-go containers?

And those are just some of the questions to ask next time you’re in charge of party snacks that will be enjoyed in the great outdoors. 

2. Everyone Loves Gourmet Pretzels & Popcorn

Let’s help you nip this one in the bud. Your next outdoor gathering will likely have a combination of edible goods, both supplied by the host and brought by generous friends and family members. We approve. Diversity is the spice of life! 

Just be sure to include something that is both popular and special. Better yet, supply your get together with simple snack foods like popcorn or pretzels that have been dressed up with chocolate drizzle, salted caramel, mini peanut butter cups, or a combo of milk and dark chocolate. 

3. Deluxe Snack Tins Are Perfect for the Outdoors

Want to combine several needs in one fell swoop? Deluxe gift tins of popcorn and pretzels are your answer. Here’s why. They are especially perfect for eating in open-air settings. Casual but amazingly delicious. Easy to pass around a bonfire. They make snack distribution hassle-free and are easy to pack up and load back into the car at the end of the day. 

Check out the wide range of gourmet snack tin options we provide online and you’ll see what we mean!

4. Funky Chunky Can Supply Your Spring Soiree with the Best Snack Food Around

The above wisdom is just some of the mouth-watering food for thought we have to offer this time of year. The bottom line is this: outdoor spring celebrations should be about getting together with your favorite pals for a good time over something tasty that you can enjoy while shooting the breeze. 

A little advance planning on the snack end, and you’ll be set up for the rest of the season!

Contact Funky Chunky today so we can help you get started on the perfect selection of sweet-and-salty snacks for whatever you’re planning in the coming months.

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