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Your shoppers are hungry! Our handcrafted popcorn and pretzel snacks are packaged in special retail formats that fit perfectly in your set. Funky Chunky will look amazing on your shelves, in tear-away display cases, or easily displayed on a peg. Tens of thousands of retailers can’t be wrong, and trust us when we say that people will come back to your store just to get their fix of Funky Chunky.

We guarantee satisfaction on every item we sell. Our shelf life is a minimum of 6 months upon delivery - that leaves your customers with say…5 months and 29 days when you sell out day one? Check out our wholesale customer portal and you’ll have it on shelf in no time.

100% Product Guarantee

No Minimum Order Amount

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If you're interested in carrying Funky Chunky products in your store, please fill out the application below. Contact us at, or call us at (952) 234-4770 with any questions.

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