Celebrate the Spring Equinox with Delicious Snacks

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Are you ready to stock up on all the tasty treats you need to mark the first day of spring? 

Why let the summer solstice get all the attention? The spring equinox – sometimes also referred to as a solstice – might be even more important if you just spent the last few months huddled under a blanket bingeing videos. And this year the day comes early on March 19.

No matter what region you live in, the spring equinox is a day worth acknowledging and even outright celebrating, as it signals that the scent of budding trees and flowers and a whole lot of other good things are coming your way! 

What Exactly is the Spring Equinox?

If you think of the spring equinox simply as the first day of spring on the calendar, you’re not alone. And you’re in the right ballpark (a place where you can start going now that it’s spring!) – but the real definition is a bit more scientific. Merriam-Webster defines the word “equinox” as “either of the two times each year about March 21 and September 23 when the sun appears overhead at the equator and day and night are everywhere of equal length.”

Then why doesn’t it fall on the same date every year? Part of the answer may be up to interpretation and how different folks like to define the beginning of spring. And that’s just fine. But another way to look at it is in relation to how the earth rotates around the sun. Since our planet has a slight tilt, the days aren’t all precisely the same length. Therefore, there are just two days when the day and night are the same length, and they fall around the same time each year.

What Is the Best Way to Celebrate the Spring Equinox?

The spring equinox is best celebrated with delicious food, good friends and fun, and however you define that last one is up to you. If you peruse the internet you will probably come up with some new ideas for welcoming another springtime. According to Kaplan International Languages, Italy combines chocolate Easter traditions with this day, while the Swiss set alight a “snowman-like winter effigy.” Since this day is recognized in numerous countries around the globe, you could even borrow a tradition that sounds interesting to you. 

Four ingredients for making this celebration special:

  1. People: Invite anyone who puts a spring in your step, so to speak.
  2. Decorations: Plants, flowers, and anything green and sunny will be a physical reminder that warmer days are to come.
  3. Light-hearted rituals: Indoors or out, spring equinox celebrations are all about saying goodbye to gloomier weather and welcoming the rebirth of mother nature. Whether you want to borrow an idea from another culture or create something entirely your own, use your imagination to plan something symbolic to mark the solstice.
  4. Snacks: However you want to celebrate, Funky Chunky can provide all of the upscale, sweet-and-salty snacks you need. Because we let you choose from a long list of flavors, products, and pre-packaged snack options, you will want to spend a few minutes perusing our website to place just the right order your tastebuds demand.

Funky Chunky Can Supply Gourmet Snacks for Spring Celebrations Near and Far 

Want to give a “happy spring” shout-out to friends and family members who live somewhere else? Funky Chunky makes delivering easy. We even include a free customized message of your choice and can also send electronic gift cards to people so they can make their own selections.

Contact Funky Chunky or visit us online to start stocking up for all your springtime celebrations!

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