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Laura Kruse

We've all had to work on our Birthdays. If we are lucky, we get some bland sheet cake in the breakroom and a halfhearted round of "Happy Birthday To You"  sung by our nearest and dearest coworkers to celebrate the anniversary of our birth.

But what if someone went the extra mile for us? What if our boss or HR department remembered that we were humans and not just cogs in another corporate machine? Enter the Birthday Club.

What Is An Employee Birthday Club?
Simply put, a Birthday Club is an automated gifting program that lets you send out Birthday Gifts to your employee's home or office every year on their Birthday.

Funky Chunky offers a range of gift selections from $10-$50 to suit your budget and workforce size. We offer Happy Birthday Ribbons on most products, and we offer Birthday Cake Flavored Popcorn for that coworker who can never say no to glitter (Yes, we put edible glitter in our Birthday Cake Popcorn!).

But Do I Actually Have to Keep Track of All the Birthdays?
This is the best part! Give us a list of your employee names, addresses, and birth dates and we'll do the rest! You can select individual gifts for each employee or select one gift to send out to each type of group and we'll take care of the rest! We can even include custom gift messages from your company with your company logo.

How Can I Start a Birthday Club for My Employees?
Leave the gifting to the experts. Contact one of our Gifting Specialists to get started with your Employee Birthday Club today. 

What Are Good Birthday Club Gift Ideas?

Birthday Club budgets can range from $15-$50 per employee, or larger quantities can be ordered to celebrate a month of birthdays at an office. 

Browse for Employee Birthday Club ideas, or contact our Funky Chunky Gifting Specialist.

Does This Work for Employee Anniversaries?
It sure does. Celebrate a work anniversary in the same way, and automate your gifting (look thoughtful, be efficient!).

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