Going Digital: The Latest Trend in Corporate Gift-Giving

Joe Malicdem

The digital world is making it easier than ever for corporations to meet their gift-giving goals. Increasingly, there are new and innovative ways to accomplish many forms of giving – whether to set up a reliable holiday gift program, performance awards or birthday treats. Giving digitally also allows employees to choose to choose the eye candy that’s most appealing to them. 

Digital Gifting has seen incredible growth in the corporate gift-giving market. No more wracking your brain to think up the perfect holiday gift or shopping for different products for different personalities. Digital gifting can be a lifesaver for your last-minute gifting needs.  

Companies Show Their Appreciation with Digital Gift Cards 

Is your team finishing up a stressful quarter at work? There’s no better morale booster than an irresistible, hand-picked treat. One of the biggest trends by far is in the area of digital gift cards. More organizations are saving time by sending a digital gift card for their personnel to redeem chocolatey popcorn or a unique, savory pretzel gift. And Funky Chunky’s digital gift cards remove the hassle for companies. Here’s how it works:  

  1. You receive a digital code by email  
  2. Forward this code to an employee of the month or prospective lead 
  3. Or, click "Ship to Multiple Addresses" to send out gifts to groups and send directly 
  4. Recipients redeem their gift at Funkychunky.com 

Online Shopping + Delicious Snack = Better Deals 

Managers, event planners and CEOs tend to look for the most economical way to do business. No matter who’s in charge of your giving program, they will appreciate the convenience of being able to select the tastiest looking products and most appealing packaging at the fairest prices. 

Making purchases online also means your recipients can access their gifts through social media. A recent study found that social media encourages digital gift exchanges. It showed that the people who received gifts on Facebook were 56 percent more likely to return the gesture. One possible takeaway is not just that more folks are accustomed to using social media for exchanging goods, but that redeeming digital gifts is part of the fun. For recipients under a certain age, it’s how they do business as well as pleasure – and corporate gift-giving is both. 

Redemption Codes Offer an Easy Way to Send Gifts Virtually 

Sometimes you don’t know all of the addresses to send gifts to, but you still want to send them. Enter redemption codes, a sequence of characters (usually letters or numbers) placed on gift cards, gift certificates or promotional coupons that enable the recipient to redeem a product or sum of money. Nowadays, the use of redemption codes is another trend that allows the recipients to immediately go online, select and receive their gift in the comfort of their own home. Digital transactions can also allow recipients to apply discount codes when redeeming the gift card balance. 

More Snack Gifting Benefits: Preset Messages and Dates in Advance of Events 

The growth in popularity of virtual and digital gifts shouldn’t be overlooked by either corporate or non-profit gifting programs. Whether a chocolate-inspired gift basket or assorted flavored popcorn, the digital space has created a lot more flexibility on both ends of the gift-giving experience. There are many reasons why: 

  • You get to decide the date for sending your gift in advance. 
  • Include a heartfelt message based on the occasion.  
  • Choose items that are beautifully arranged and packaged.      
  • Send edible items in bulk. 

Funky Chunky will help you send your next electronic “Thank You” gift cards to whomever, wherever. Whether you prefer to send digitally or in-person, we can handle every step, including customization for that personal touch. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how to get started. 

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