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Twice a year, I get the opportunity to share a personal message regarding those who serve to our incredible Funky Chunky customers. I know you are probably getting bombarded with emails about Memorial Day Sales, and while I don’t begrudge other businesses from doing that, you won’t ever find us doing that. For me, this holiday is sacred – and I don’t think enough of us Veterans get the chance to openly share how we feel on this day, to such an amazing group of people such as yourselves.

Recently I visited Warriors Walk in Fort Stewart, Georgia as part of our reunion of Task Force 1-64 Armor celebrating the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Lined with White-blooming Crape Myrtle trees – one planted for each Soldier of the 3rd Infantry Division lost during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom – the walkway is one of the hundreds of memorials around the country that most don’t know exist. They are sacred locations, meticulously maintained, and often guarded round the clock during anniversaries or holidays such as today.

As I stood there it struck me how the number had grown since I’d last seen it over a decade ago. The memorial, once a single walkway down one side of the post’s main field, had now grown to several pathways winding back and forth around the parade area. The grouping of 469 trees lining the walkway, each manicured to the same size and height, shocked me in its scale as it was a level of sacrifice, I couldn’t even begin to imagine 20 years ago as we crossed the border into Iraq.

Reminding myself that this was just one of hundreds across the country, I had to take a moment to take stock of the last 20 years of sacrifice made by these incredible Americans. I’m connected to them, and always will be.

If you have served in the military or are a family member of someone that has served – THANK YOU. To those that have lost someone that has served – thank you for YOUR sacrifice. Trust me when I say that Veterans are the first to recognize that we weren’t the only ones that served and sacrificed.

I cannot thank you enough for being a Funky Chunky customer, and I appreciate you reading this on this Memorial Day.


Ryan Kuo

President & Owner of Funky Chunky

United States Army, Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom

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