How to Make Gift Shopping Easier This Holiday Season

Joe Malicdem

The holidays are supposed to be fun! But between the long lines and crowds of anxious shoppers, the usual outing to the mall can quickly devolve into a shopper’s nightmare in November and December. So, what can you do to make gift shopping easier on the nerves this time of year? 

Finding the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones doesn’t have to be painful. This holiday season, treat yourself to some of our pro tips on how to make this annual tradition not just bearable but easy, and even enjoyable.

1. Give the Gift of Festive Popcorn & Other Gourmet Snack Foods 

One of the biggest mistakes hectic shoppers make is overthinking the whole holiday gifting tradition. Giving gifts should be fun and painless. Shopping is also a lot easier when you don’t attempt to get something different for every single person on your list.

That’s what makes upscale snacks the perfect solution for the stressed-out shopper. Edible gifts are loved by just about everyone, especially when they are high quality and festively packaged. And Funky Chunky’s gourmet, holiday-themed pretzel and popcorn snack foods are as festive and delicious as they come. 

Just consider some of our currently popular popcorn and pretzel options:

  • Peppermint chocolate popcorn
  • Holiday flavor popcorn canister
  • Salty sweet duo (sea salt caramel & nutty chocolate)
  • Chocolate pretzels laced with caramel
  • Peanut butter cup popcorn

2. Shop for High-Quality Edible Gifts Online

Another holiday misconception: Thinking you need to leave your house to make the perfect selection. There’s a reason so many gifts get returned each year. Yet it's hard to know what your book group pals, kids’ teachers and in-laws will actually enjoy. Driving from store to store is enough to make your head spin.

That’s why, for many shoppers, the easiest way to buy delicious, edible gifts that will please even the pickiest recipient is online. In the comfort of your home, you can search for snack items according to:

  • Flavor
  • Type
  • Occasion
  • Size
  • And more

Take a look at the broad variety of festively packaged treats provided by Funky Chunky, which are available through Amazon, BWP, and Ecom Retail, as well as our own website. When you shop at, you get easy access to dozens of easy-to-spot options. As you browse, you’ll find something to make everyone on your list feel special this year.

3. Don’t Procrastinate: Start Ordering Holiday Gifts Early

For most of us, the holiday season is much more than a couple days long. It’s an extended period of celebrating with loved ones over food and drinks.However, the reality is that shopping for even small gifts to bring to all the dinners and events takes time. And those 

parties have a way of creeping up on you if you’re not prepared. 

This year, don’t procrastinate! As the holiday season approaches, start your online search for upscale snacks as soon as possible. That way you’ll have a stash handy for every friend, acquaintance, family member and party host that comes your way. Better yet, you can kick back and actually enjoy the festivities stress-free this year. 

4. Get Gourmet Snack Gifts That Are Convenient to Buy and Easy to Find

Last-minute shopping is a reality for many of us during the holiday season. Fortunately, the best gourmet snacks around are easily accessible and convenient to buy. Instead of hitting the stores before every party, head to Funky Chunky online, where you’ll find our fan’s most popular items in a broad array of flavors. We will have them delivered right to the doorstep of your choice.

What else does shopping online at Funky Chunky provide for customers?

  1. Great looking (and tasting) gift sets
  2. A spectrum of budget options
  3. Personalized messages included
  4. FREE custom cards online
  5. Reliable, on-time delivery

Shop now at Looking for advice? Contact our care team so that we can help take care of your shopping needs this holiday season.

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