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Are you scrambling to find festive and delicious holiday gifts that will please even the pickiest relatives on your list? As the new year nears, Funky Chunky has got you covered with a huge selection of indulgent, sweet-and-salty gourmet snack products. We make finding that perfect gift easier than ever, and you can order it while sipping hot cocoa in the comfort of your home. 

Not only do we provide a wide array of tasty, upscale snack options, but we handle the legwork for you.

Find the Best Holiday Snack Gifts Online at

Funky Chunky creates irresistible gourmet sweet-and-salty treats that anyone can enjoy. Do the folks on your guest list have unique tastes when it comes to edible items? We get that, which is why our popcorn flavor profiles run from peppermint chocolate to peanut butter cups drizzled in caramel. 

Check out this sampling of our many mouthwatering, seasonal best-sellers:

  • Peanut Butter Cup Canister - Perfect for gourmet popcorn lovers of caramel, mini peanut butter cups and milk chocolate.
  • Four Flavor Gift Pack - This flavor-filled surprise will arrive in a festive gift box. 
  • The “Splurge” Deluxe Gift Tin - Give something extra indulgent to lovers of caramel popcorn and chocolate pretzels on your list
  • Party Gift Pack - For the party animal on your list, the variety of options are what makes this delicious gift so special.
  • Decadent Tasting Kit - For anyone who might like a little sampling of our sweet-and-salty snack options.
  • Various Gift Boxes - Our chocolate pretzel gift box is just one example of the beautiful ways we present our edible gift items.

Not everyone shares the same taste buds. Some folks may be chocolate fanatics, while others prefer something drizzled with hand-crafted caramel and topped off with crunchy nuts. Take a minute to peruse the options before hitting “Send.”

    Our Gourmet Holiday Snacks Are Packaged and Ready for Your Order

    Funky Chunky produces crave-worthy snacks that match the joy of the holiday season. And there are plenty of great deals on holiday gifts that are festively packaged and ready for purchase online. From your kids' teacher to the boss at your new job, we’ve got you covered! We also have a variety of gift sets for every budget that come in a variety of unique flavor combinations. 

    Don’t forget to set aside something special for yourself!

    Gourmet Snack Gifts Are Easy on the Wallet

    Let's face it. Last-minute holiday shopping sprees can be financially draining if you’re not careful. That’s why gourmet snacks are the perfect solution for the holiday procrastinators out there. Even popular, high-quality snacks offer a range of sizes and prices so that you don’t need to skimp on indulgence or quality. You can even customize a snack basket of gourmet popcorn and pretzels to impress the pickiest of pallets.

    Funky Chunky Will Ship Your Holiday Snack Gifts Wherever You Need Them 

    At Funky Chunky, we take our gourmet status seriously. To make our attractive presentations even more festive, you get to choose the ribbon color for your snack gifts! People will take one look at your sweet-and-salty gift packs and know that you brought something extraordinary this year.

    So our advice? Shop smarter at home, not harder away, and take advantage of any remaining holiday gift deals. What else does shopping online at Funky Chunky do for you?

    1. Ship your gifts wherever you need them
    2. Personalize messages for you
    3. Provide FREE custom cards online
    4. Offer various budget options
    5. Handle the hard work for you

    Check out our last-minute gift deals now at Contact our care team to find out what else we’re offering this holiday season!

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