New Year’s Resolution: Eat Higher Quality Snacks

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Want a New Year’s resolution that’s worth keeping? How about making one that will satisfy your palate and help you survive the winter months ahead?

Just about everyone snacks now and then in between meals. They provide the fuel that keeps us going throughout the day and take the edge off our hunger when a full meal isn’t an option. Instead of going overboard with health-based goals, try aiming for one that actually makes sense and creates happiness in people’s lives.

Why You Should Snack in the New Year

About those over-the-top resolutions. Are you really going to eat kale everyday and eliminate everything your taste buds love? We all do it: make an idealistic list of all the changes we imagine we’ll make in the coming months. 

But there’s a reason most resolutions tend to get broken by week one. They’re unrealistic! In the end, it makes more sense to create a list of smaller goals that are actually achievable. If you have an occasional taste for something tasty and a little indulgent, then pretending you don’t is not the solution. Denying yourself pleasure might only backfire and send you running to the nearest baked goods aisle.

That’s why it makes a bit more sense to allow yourself to nibble on something tasty that is really worth it.

Why Does Snack Quality Matter?

When it comes to those small treats in between meals, quality matters. According to Medical News Today, “Over 90% of U.S. adults eat one or more snacks per day, with most eating between 1.2 and 3 snacks daily. Studies also show that snacking has been increasing in both frequency and quantity over the last few decades.” However, we don’t also go for the right things. Highly processed, low-quality snacks will often contain lengthy ingredient lists full of words you’ve never heard. 

On the other hand, gourmet snacks can be consumed without the fear of not knowing what you’re eating. Some telltale signs a snack is worth it:

  1. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  2. Ingredients are recognizable.
  3. Snacks are packaged for adults.
  4. There are multiple gourmet flavor options.
  5. They make shipping and gifting easy.

The inclusion of fresh nuts and popcorn can also be a reminder that there may be some unexpected health benefits to what you’re consuming.

Want New Ideas for Delicious, High-Quality, Sweet & Salty Snacks?

If your snack stash has gone stale, maybe it’s time to try out something new. After all, that is what New Year’s celebrating is all about. At Funky Chunky, we produce a vast array of upscale, mouth-watering popcorn and pretzel snack products that blow other options out of the proverbial water. It may cost a bit more than the same old run-of-the-mill products you’re used to, but the overall improvement in taste and quality will be worth it.

Some truly top-notch edible goodies to add to your shopping list include:

Funky Chunky Is the Source for Superior Snacks in the New Year

You deserve high standards in the new year – especially when it comes to what you eat.

Funky Chunky products are ready to ship at any time. If giving better gifts is another goal on your New Year’s list, we’ve got you covered. We will help you make the right selection, get it where it needs to go – on time – and even add the personalized message of your choice, free of charge.

Contact Funky Chunky for all of your snacking and gifting needs in the new year.

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