So You Met with a New Prospect. Now What?

Joe Malicdem

A lot of work must go into cultivating professional relationships. Anyone who’s ever stressed over that first coffee with a potential prospect knows that those meetings are just the first step in creating lasting business connections that will, ideally, benefit both parties. So, what comes next?

According to Hinge Marketing, there are five essential steps to building business relationships:

  1. Regularly reach out to prospects.
  2. Offer to help in some way.
  3. Solicit feedback.
  4. Build trust over time.
  5. Educate instead of selling.

It never hurts to have a short list of steps to keep you on track. But be flexible, not every person and connection should be handled the same exact way. As you reflect on what it is you want from each new prospect, here are three ways to approach them so you stay top of mind without pushing them away.

1. Consider Sending Them a Small Gesture of Gratitude

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, especially people who go out of their way to meet with you and discuss a potential collaboration. The trend of companies and marketers using corporate gifting to improve relationships with potential clients is a growing strategy that brings results. When done right, what you get in return far outweighs the money put into your efforts. It’s one reason that, according to GiftNow ​​90% of businesses have either maintained or increased the frequency of their corporate gifting.

When hoping to win someone over – whether it’s a vendor you hope to partner with or a potential customer – don't underestimate the impact a small gesture can have on your budding relationship. Sending a gourmet snack gift card through email or social media with a personalized message expressing your appreciation and desire to work together can help establish a lasting bond with them. 

2. Follow Up: Remind Prospects What You Have to Offer Them

One of the main reasons for sending a gift is to make the recipient feel valued. But after meeting with a prospect, the most important step is to keep following up with them. Every few months or sooner, reach out to see how they’re doing. Share a piece of wisdom you wrote or read. 

All types of organizations large and small have always sought to foster relationships with colleagues and potential clients. From the point of view of the recipient, receiving a delicious, high-quality box of chocolates or sweet and salty snacks is sure to create a positive association with you and your brand. In combination with detailed messages to create a connection, gifting often brings a high level of ROI to organizations. Sending a delicious, sweet and salty snack after that first meeting (or to recognize an accomplishment of theirs) will put a smile on just about anyone’s face.

3. Partner with a Local, Qualified & Experienced Edible Gift Service Provider

Funky Chunky is a small Midwestern producer of gourmet snacks that will leave a big, lasting and tasty impression on anyone you’re trying to impress. Crafted in small batches in the heart of Minnesota, our popcorn mixes and other sweet & salty treats are a favorite for all occasions. And as far as high-quality, memorable gifts go, it doesn’t cost much. 

Providing something delicious and edible sends partners, vendors, prospects and donors an experience that will separate you from everyone else vying for their attention. We offer party tins, gift baskets, and a variety of options to suit the taste buds that are sure to impress. Better yet: we handle all the details and streamline the ordering process to minimize efforts on your end. Just tell us what you need done and we’ll handle the rest!

Is building relationships important to your profession? Funky Chunky is a premier provider of gourmet snack food items that will help you get the job done. We’ll handle your needs from start to finish and can deliver edible items where and when you need it. Contact us today so we can help you land the business partnerships of your dreams!

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