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Are you one of the millions of people across the country who like to scout out an intriguing new snack or snack trend now and then?

From family picnics and work gatherings to game days and dinner parties, there is no stopping snack lovers in search of the latest ways to enjoy a good treat. The best kinds are ones made with fresh, delicious ingredients you already knew and loved.

Get inspired to try something new. Below are five popular movements taking over the snack world.

1: Unique, New Sweet and Savory Combos

Once upon a time, peanut butter and chocolate were considered a daring and unusual food combination. 

But over the last twenty years, snack culture in the U.S. has only pushed the boundaries, opening our hearts and stomachs more than any mealtime trend could. There seems to be little slowdown in unique combinations of savory and sweet flavors when it comes to people who enjoy inventing new ideas for something small to munch on between meals. Pretzels and caramel corn. Mocha and popcorn. Chocolate and pretty much anything.

Young people are leading the charge. According to Food Business News, thirty percent of “salty snack consumers,” – primarily people in their twenties and thirties – say they are looking for new flavors. Over a third “would consider purchasing more salty snacks if there were more interesting flavors.”

2: Frequent Daily Snacking Has Surged Around the Country

One 2021 news report indicated snacking habits had surged forty percent in just a short period of time. While there were extenuating circumstances for some of that increase, it was also an indication that snacking is what keeps folks happy when they’re feeling down. Meanwhile, the number of snacks the average person enjoys each day has also gone up to several per day. 

Perhaps it’s due to our busy work schedules as well as the incredible selection online. When people get the midday munchies and dinner seems far away, it appears there is no holding back.

3: Daring Popcorn and Pretzel Snack Combinations

Americans love to try something a little daring when it comes to their snacks. Funky Chunky is known for pushing boundaries by creating dozens of unique snack products in small batches that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Just a few examples of our excitingly unusual treats:

  1. Caramel Latte gourmet coffee flavored popcorn drizzled in milk, dark and white chocolate.
  2. Salty, crunchy and sweet Birthday Cake popcorn includes vanilla cream, caramel corn and even celebratory rainbow glitter.
  3. Sweet-n-salty Chip Zel Pop with chocolate drizzle, caramel, potato chips, caramel corn and pretzel sticks, all in one container.

The list goes on. When your taste buds are craving something a little different, we got you. 

4: Snacks That Pack in the Protein

More and more, people of all stripes want snacks that pack in more protein. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by combining nuts with something sweet. That’s why Funky Chunky has so many offerings that include almonds, peanuts and cashews. Even plain popcorn also contains healthy amounts of protein. We also like to mix healthy ingredients containing protein with something a little decadent. 

Be sure to read the labels when ordering! 

5: Ease of Access to Your Favorite Snacks

Sometimes you want to try something new, but would rather avoid the hassle of going about getting it. Perhaps not so surprisingly, technology has made access to incredible new snack items easier than ever – including when you want to send a tasty gift to one of your favorite peeps. Funky Chunky makes gift cards and e-gifts available online with the click of a button. Feel free to include a personalized message and let your loved ones choose what they want!

Variety Is the Spice of Life at Funky Chunky Gourmet Snacks

From both a product perspective and the point of view of snack lovers around the country, variety is both the spice of life and the reason there are more flavors and types of goodies to choose from than ever before. That is why it’s also important to keep quality in mind while experimenting with something new once in a while. 

Explore Funky Chunky’s wide array of salty-sweet popcorn treats and other gourmet snacks to find something new. Contact us if you need assistance or have any questions!

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