Thanksgiving Business Gifts

Laura Kruse

We are all used to our offices filling up with gifts from clients and customers around the end of the year.  In the hustle and bustle of end-of-year gifts, cards and thank you notes often get lost and your thoughtful gift might end up as just another in a large pile of treats stuck in the break room.  

So how can you make sure your gift stands out among the competition? Consider gifting earlier in the year and sending your client gift around Thanksgiving. Still, need convincing that a Thanksgiving client gift is the way to go? 

Here are five reasons you should consider sending client gifts at Thanksgiving:

  1. Christmas? Hannukah? Which to pick? When giving a gift at Thanksgiving, you can avoid a potential holiday faux pas by bypassing the issue altogether. Offer your end-of-year thank you without worrying about offending clients and customers. 

  2. Avoid the Out of Office Desert. Many people save up PTO and vacation days for the end of the year, and your seemingly well-timed gift may come right when your clients are out of the office. Fewer people take vacation around Thanksgiving and your gift has a higher chance of being enjoyed by everyone on the team.

  3.  Save Time and Money. Many gifting companies are happy to offer bulk discounts or deals on shipping if you get your orders in early. Funky Chunky offers bulk discounts if business gift orders are placed before the holiday rush. Contact a Funky Chunky gifting specialist for more info. 

  4. A True Time of Thanks. Let's get sentimental for a moment, shall we? Thanksgiving is a time where we come together to give thanks for the bounty and plenty of the year. We take a moment to reflect on the people to whom we are grateful. This is a beautiful time to write a heartfelt card or note to the clients and customers who have really made a difference in your business this year, and pass on a gift that lets them know you're thankful for the ways in which they've impacted your life. Shameless self-promotion ahead - Funky Chunky offers personalized notecards for your customer orders. You can send us the messages and addresses and Funky Chunky will take care of the rest!

  5. Which Gift is Which? Christmas and New Year are a time when offices and teams get flooded with thank you gifts. Your note might get lost in the shuffle, and your gift could get piled in with a host of other offerings. While Funky Chunky is an unforgettable gift at any time of year, you can increase the impact by being the early bird and sending your business gift out during Thanksgiving. 


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