Tips for Keeping Workers Awake at Their Sedentary Desk Job

Joe Malicdem

As more workers flow back into offices, employers are back to facing the challenges of office culture – and looking for ways to breathe life and energy back into their office culture. Unless you have a nap room, take simple steps to keep people awake and energized at their desks.

How Office Life Can Bring Employees Down

The fact is, working in an office can be exhausting. Not only do some workers feel stuck in a confined space all day, but they may find their internal battery draining as the day wears on. This constant energy drain can really take its toll on their output and eventually lead to them feeling tired and stressed out.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to combat this type of deprived office culture. For starters, they can get up and take regular breaks. Not only will this help refresh their body and mind, but it will also give them the energy to carry on with your work. They can even try going outside for a bit for a quick walk around the block to get their juices flowing again.

Create and Foster a More Vibrant Office Culture

You’ve spent all this time picking the right people to join your company. Now it’s time to give them a place to call home. You need an office culture that will help both new and old hires gel and feel like a cohesive unit from the moment they step into the building. A fun, vibrant office culture is not just fun for employees, but it’s also great for attracting talent and keeping existing team members happy and engaged. 

Below are some additional insights on how to create a fun, vibrant office culture in any organization.

Encourage Breaks with Tasty, High Quality Snacks

Ultimately, one of the best ways to help people stay energized at work is to become conscious of their energy levels, and encourage regular breaks to ensure that they are properly refreshed and motivated. And a quick trip to the office kitchen for a snack break can boost energy and motivate workers to meet their deadlines.

Employers should encourage their workers to take quick snack breaks to spike their energy and motivate them. When workers are feeling energetic and motivated, they're more likely to be productive and efficient. That small boost of protein and calories can help a person stay happy, energized and focused throughout the afternoon.

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your team members.

How to Boost Employer Energy Quickly (without Lowering Productivity)

An upbeat office is also about creating positive morale. Never underestimate the power of providing edible goods at work to inject a little fun into the work routine, create camaraderie between co-workers and keep people coming back. For one thing, treating your workers like humans, believe it or not, can distinguish you from rival companies that might try luring them away. An article in Forbes Magazine explains why this doesn’t have to concern you if you’re doing the right thing:

  • Almost one in five American workers worry their bosses won’t think they are hardworking if they take lunch breaks
  • Another 13% of respondents worry their co-workers will judge them for taking breaks.
  • 38% of employees aren’t even encouraged to take lunch breaks.

Talk about bad bosses. Some of the bosses surveyed even admitted to viewing their employees who take a regular lunch break as less hardworking. While they were not the majority, it shows that there’s a reason that workers might not take the breaks they need, even if it helps them do their job better and keep it!

Don’t just take our word for it. For instance, a Staples study showed that over 85% of employees thought taking regular breaks during their workday boosted their productivity. And they should know.

Provide Sweet & Salty Snacks at Reasonable Prices

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