What Food to Include in Your Next Auction

Joe Malicdem

Charity auctions are all the rage. They're about much more than raising dough, but are also an opportunity for donors to get a better understanding of the nonprofit they are donating to

This popular and effective way to raise money for your cause can be live or online, from dinner tables or from computers and mobile devices at home. You can also use a silent auction, where people write down their bids on a piece of paper. Any combination of these methods works, too.

What will make it memorable is the food you provide along with it.

How Nonprofits Benefit from Auctions 

Fundraising auctions are a wonderful way to raise money for any charity. That’s because they are generally useful as both a social event and fundraiser, where individuals or businesses donate items, experiences, or services to be auctioned off at a later date to raise money for a cause. You can hold a live auction, where people bid on items in person, or an online auction, where people bid on items from the comfort of their own homes. Either way, you will first need to identify items to auction off in order to promote your event to potential bidders. 

There are many ways to pull one off - both in person or virtually - as long as it involves people making donations to a cause they want to support. You can hold an auction at your local school, church, or community center. Once a venue and set up a date have been selected, all you need is to find items to auction off.

Auction Off Delicious Edible Items with a Broad Appeal

It’s a simple activity to hold at any fundraiser. The items get auctioned off to the highest bidder; the money raised from the auction just has to go to the cause that was advertised. The types of items that are auctioned off can vary, but often include gift baskets, vacation packages, and unique experiences. Some items can be donated by local businesses, with all of the proceeds going towards the fundraising goal. 

But auctions are the most fun when they’re visual. One benefit of including food and drinks in your offerings is that it will draw people to the auction table to bid for their favorite item. Want a good gift basket choice that’s sure to draw attention and get mouths watering? Funky Chunky’s small batch, upscale snack items come in a broad variety for all taste pallets, including:

⦁ Chocolate pretzels

⦁ Caramel dripped popcorn

⦁ Peanut butter cups

Flavors ranging from sea salt caramel to birthday cake to nutty chocolate

⦁ Tins and variety packs

⦁ Broad range of sizes

Serve High-Quality Snack Foods at Your Auction

Of course, snacks are for more than just auctioning to the highest bidder. You’ve got to keep those guests happy and satisfied, with full stomachs! Providing gourmet, sweet and salty snacks on each table is a great, low-cost way to accomplish that. The meals don’t have to be huge (leftovers are a big problem, and everyone has a different idea about what “dinner” should look like). Better yet, fill them up with broadly appealing, sweet and salty popcorn and pretzel snacks. It will put smiles on their faces and help them feel generous so they’re more inclined to open their wallets.

Brand Awareness Tip: Customize Your Gourmet Snack Gifts 

Remember: the purpose of the auction isn’t just to raise money and throw a good party. Keeping your brand in the minds of your guests after they leave is half the battle. 

A service such as Funky Chunky provides all types of organizations an easy, convenient and delicious way to ensure your name stays in people’s minds through upscale edible gifts. 

As for the auction table, you’ll want to ensure your message is presented beautifully as part of the brand message you’re sending. Tasty treats should be presented in a way that says you care – and keeps your brand top of mind. Ways that Funky Chunky helps you do this include: 

⦁ Custom logo labels and ribbons 

⦁ Fun color options

⦁ Complimentary notecards 

⦁ Messages of your choice

Want your next auction to be a success? Check out Funky Chunky’s countless sweet and savory snack products that can be incorporated into your next auction or fundraising event. You tell us what you need and we’ll handle the rest. Contact us today to get started!

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