Why Foodies Love Tasting Kits

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Think you might be a foodie? Then a tasting kit should be in your future. 

There are just three things to know about foodies and their tasting kits:

  1. You don’t need to call yourself a “foodie” to be one.
  2. Tasking kits are growing in popularity. 
  3. Snack tasting kits are the best.

Anyone can be a foodie. It doesn’t matter whether you use the word “gourmet” or frequent fancy restaurants, all that matters is you love food and are open to exploring the tastes and smells – even the appearance and textures – of uncharted territory now and then. 

Today’s Foodies Are Getting Into Snacks

For today’s foodies, snacks are where it’s at. Better yet, tasting kits that provide a sampling of some new products or unique sweet-and-salty combinations to tantalize the tongue are in high demand. 

There are myriad tasting kits, from wine kits to meat kits. Snack kits are a bit more recent to the tasting scene. Yesterday’s foodie considered snacks an afterthought – something you might pick up at a gas station, whose ingredients you didn’t really want to investigate too thoroughly. Thank goodness things have changed.

Fact: Tasting Kits Containing Chocolatey Snacks Are Best

Snack lovers with a sweet tooth can’t go wrong with something that prominently features chocolate. Just make sure it contains a limited list of understandable, fresh ingredients that sound like they could complement one another. That can include a lot of things, but there’s a reason so many people think everything is better with chocolate. It has the power to create instant euphoria as well as positive, long-lasting memories. There’s a whole science behind memory and flavor to explain the enduring power of chocolate. 

Have you Tried Funky Chunky’s Tasting Kit? 

Enter Funky Chunky’s Tasting Kit, which combines everyone’s favorite snacks and flavors with a few new or unexpected ones. Just enough to tempt your sense of adventure: 

  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Glazed Cashews
  • Caramel Corn
  • Potato Chips
  • White Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Drizzle
  • Caramel Drizzle

Our snack box contains five separate packages, each one containing a different variety of tasty, gourmet snack goods. If you’re new to the brand, it’s a great way to explore what you love the most. Then you can use that information as a jumping board when perusing our other snacks online. 

DIY It: Other Funky Chunky Snack Flavors & Product Packages

Snack kits don’t have to come in a single box. Some shoppers prefer to conduct their own taste test by purchasing a sampling of items and then mixing and matching ingredients at home. We call it the kitchen table approach. As you’ll see on funkychunky.com, we provide a long list of product combinations that will fit right into your next snack tasting session.

Tips for Enjoying Your Snack Kit to the Fullest

The one thing foodies have in common – other than a passion for all things food – is a sense of adventure. It’s not about where you’ve been or what you’ve tried so much as your willingness to have a little fun with food.

Some ideas for really savoring the moment:

Create a social tasting group. 

Make it social! People are too isolated. Have your friends bring their own tasting kits so everyone can share and perhaps swap items based on their preferences.

Plan a tasting of beverages and snacks together. 

Folks will need something to wash down all the shared snacks. Perhaps a glass of your favorite wine or a beer from that local microbrewery. In other words, extend the idea beyond the one kit.

Truly savor each item. 

Remember: you’re tasting, not inhaling. As with a wine tasting, the goal is to compare and contrast a variety of items to appreciate their differences. 

Try New, High-Quality Sweet & Salty Snacks

Ready to try something new? Discover your favorite new sweet and salty snack kits online – or contact Funky Chunky for help with shipping and other gourmet snack services.

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