Why Sweet & Salty Snacks Make the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is officially for everyone, as well as lovers, and it’s about time. Whether you celebrate with your sweetie, a friend group, or at home streaming your favorite rom-com, this holiday does come with a few rules attached:

    • Indulge in something sweet
    • Celebrate love – and loved ones
    • Enjoy yourself
    • Feel good

    That first rule of thumb is the most important, as the number one thing associated with Valentine’s Day is a gift that is sweet and tasty. And if everyone indulges a bit in their favorite sweet-and-salty snack, then the other rules will naturally follow! 

    Most People – and Some Animals – Celebrate Valentine’s Day

    Formerly associated with a heart-shaped box accompanied with flowers, we have branched out as a society – thankfully – and expanded our minds in terms of what makes a good V Day gift, as well as who to celebrate with. As shown by a Capital One study in 2023, friends, kids, co-workers and even pets have joined the mix of who celebrates this special day, and how they do it:

    1. Nearly nine out of ten people got gifts for a significant other.
    2. Almost half of shoppers said they were getting chocolate for themselves.
    3. People bought small gifts for colleagues, kids’ teachers and classmates. 
    4. In fact, nearly 40% of gifts on this holiday are for children.
    5. People even bought V Day gifts for their dogs and cats.

    Sweet-and-Salty Snacks Are Popular Gifts for Everyone

    Suffice it to say, folks love this day! It’s a chance to show just about anyone who you appreciate how much you care with a small gesture. And if you are shopping for a significant other, why not spice it up by getting them something different this year

    You know what people love, possibly more than a box of assorted chocolates? High-quality snacks like pretzels dipped in chocolate and popcorn drizzled with caramel. Sweet and salty ingredients compliment each other like nothing else can, which is why that particular combination has revolutionized the snack industry in recent years. With typical assorted chocolates, you don’t always know what you’re going to end up with or how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. 

    But at Funky Chunky, there are many beautifully wrapped gift options so you can find that perfect item for everyone on your list (except maybe your pets). 

    Send Your Valentine an Online Gift Card

    Gifting doesn’t have to be difficult. Why not make it easy on yourself! Gourmet snacks are always ideal for those hard-to-shop-for friends and loved ones in your life. At Funkychunky.com, you can take your time perusing the vast array of popcorn and pretzel products. This level of variety comes particularly in handy when it comes to gifting. Search by:

    1. Snack product names
    2. Flavor options
    3. Ingredients
    4. Sizes and quantities
    5. Packaging options
    6. Special occasions

    If your sweet-toothed friend is notoriously picky, send an e-gift card instead. That will allow them to peruse our offerings, sort through the many flavor combinations, and pick out their personal favorite. 

    Get Free Delivery & Customized Messages at Funky Chunky Online

    Skip the corner store this year and try something different and definitely delicious! Want to tuck a romantic note in with your gift? Along with free delivery, Funky Chunky provides customized messages of your choice to the recipients of any gift items! Available at select stores as well as online, we make it easy to find freshly made upscale snacks products you can be proud to give. 

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    Contact Funky Chunky today so we can help get you ready for romance tomorrow!

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