Why You Should Order Your Snacks Online This Year

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We officially live in a world where just about anything can be ordered with the click of a button. Why not find a better way to purchase your favorite snacks, as well? While some of those items might be available on store shelves, there can be additional benefits to ordering your next supply of tasty, edible products online.

The bottom line is that, online, consumers have more control over how and when they shop. Below are some more specific reasons to treat yourself to online snack shopping in the new year.

1. Easier Customer Experience

This reason to order sweet-and-salty treats online may be obvious to some, but it’s still worth stating. It’s just easier to complete an order online than to hop in your car, fight traffic, and look for a parking space in the hopes the chocolate-covered pretzels or popcorn drizzled with caramel you’ve been craving are still in stock. You know what they say about wishful thinking. 

2. Home Delivery 

There aren’t many luxuries better than having something delicious delivered right to your doorstep. Getting a package in the mail is almost always exciting! When you shop online, you get to browse product menus at your leisure. Avoid waiting in line and everything else that can make in-person shopping a bit of a hassle. 

3. You Know Which Snacks Are in Stock

Ordering upscale snack products online at Funky Chunky takes minutes. All you have to do is check out our list of mouth-watering items, select the most appealing ones, and head to checkout. With so much to choose from, there will be more availability than in any store. Your shopping experience should be as smooth as the caramel drizzled on some of our most popular products.

4. More Time to Read Ingredients, Consider Your Options

Sometimes hanging out in crowded aisles while reading food labels isn’t a realistic option. How many times have you purchased something in person that wasn’t exactly what you wanted, but your preferred variety was unavailable? The fact is, stocks at stores can be unreliable, particularly when it comes to more popular items. 

When it comes to food, decision-making is easier in the comfort of your own home. You can consider a broad range of gourmet snacks available and take the time to buy the ones you truly want. 

5. More New Snacks to Try Online

With more privacy and time to check out menu options, shopping becomes a more satisfying experience. You might discover something delicious you’ve never tried before! 

6. Browse Customer Reviews & Testimonials Before Shopping

Shopping has not been the same since the introduction of the online review. If services or products are sub-par, brands have no choice today but to see what customers are saying about them. And testimonial pages on websites can often give a glimpse into a range of consumer experiences.

Here are some things Funky Chunky fans have said about their snack food choices:

  • “This mix takes it to another dimension.”
  • “This popcorn is probably the best I ever had.” 
  • “My favorite popcorn!”
  • “I bought some for my family and ended up having to buy more because I finished the bag.”

Funky Chunky’s Website Has Your Pretzel & Popcorn Snack Needs Covered 

Funky Chunky’s top-rated snack food products are available in select stores as well as online. If you’re feeling indecisive, try one of our combination sweet-and-salty gift packs. We produce lots of options that combine different flavors and types of snacks. That way, you can order a single package and still try a bit of everything.

Place your Funky Chunky order online today!

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