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When you hold a fundraiser with Funky Chunky, we make it easy! Simply sign up below to get started.


Work with Funky Chunky to set up your organization's fundraising goals


Give each participant a unique link where buyers can purchase online


Sit back and collect your cash while you let our automated marketing sell for you

For any questions, contact us at, or call us at (952) 234-4770 with any questions.


We work with our partner WeFund4U to facilitate the process. Our fundraisers can be set up in minutes, and we’ll personally assist along the way to help onboard your team members, connect their social media, add their contact list and launch. Gone are the days of having to knock on doors, take order forms to the office or deliver the items personally - we take care of all of this automatically. From order to delivery. All you have to do is contact us to get started and we’ll take care of the rest!

Watch Their “How it Works” Video

Step 1

launch fundraiser

After we create the fundraiser, each participant will join and invite family, friends and all potential donors through our invite wizard. Through this invite process, participants will share the fundraiser via formatted emails, text messages, Facebook and other social media outlets. Average launch time of a fundraiser is 15 minutes.

Step 2

track progress

Our detailed tracking system allows the coach or the fundraiser administrator to itemize and track every donation. The system tracks all levels of participation; including the number of emails sent, text messages, social media shares and total dollars raised per participant. The coach/fundraising administrator can access to view or download all these reports as an Excel file.

Step 3

deposit the funds

We have partnered with the world's leading e-commerce platform and therefore each donation is easily accepted and 100% secure through our 128-bit encryption. Our system is streamlined to collect and distribute funds as efficiently as possible. We understand the need to quickly invest in your cause and we will have your funds via direct deposit and or a check within 5-10 business days of the fundraiser ending.

We may share the lead with local trusted sales representatives that are not Funky Chunky employees to complete the onboarding process.

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