Are Office Birthday Parties Still a Thing?

Joe Malicdem

The fact is, there are many benefits to office celebrations in general, including birthdays, that improve employee morale and contribute to a positive organizational culture. Plus, there are many side benefits of the office birthday. Here’s what these simple, low-cost events can accomplish:

  • Break up a long workday
  • Recognize employee contributions 
  • Create camaraderie at work
  • Improve morale 
  • Bost retention rates

Check out more food for thought below that will help you celebrate your next office birthday in style. 

Celebrations Like Birthdays Are Opportunity to Show Workers Appreciation

Birthdays are among the many milestones that can be celebrated at work to recognize the contributions of workers. They can even bring joy and human connection in a stressful work environment, as well as help people relax and take a much-needed break from the grind. Except for outliers such as the gentleman who asked not to celebrate, being recognized has a way of making people feel appreciated and brings staff together, both of which help to form deeper relationships between team members and across the organization.

It’s All About Human Connection

Every organizational culture is different. In some, workers will text or email so they can avoid speaking face to face. And while doing so can certainly save time, you don’t want to end up with an antisocial vibe. That will only breed distrust and disconnection. Business leaders should be sure their workers are communicating with one another on a human level. Getting to know their vendors, coworkers, end users, clients and stakeholders will always create a more welcoming, vibrant workspace where people want to stay.

How to Make Your Next office Party Worth It

If your office is tired of the cake routine, consider bringing gourmet snacks, such as caramel or chocolate drizzled popcorn, to the office for a change of pace. Everyone loves delicious, sweet and salty snacks. Other tips:

  • Consider a lunch or other team outing
  • Include remote workers
  • Keep it low key
  • Express your appreciation 
  • Give a Funky Chunky e-gift card instead
  • Include a personalized note

Companies Benefit by Recognizing and Celebrating Milestones 

Countless companies have invested in ways to create happier and more productive work environments. How have they done this? By making a point of taking steps to improve morale and performance. In fact, there is a correlation between positive brand recognition and good office morale. When people like their work, they post positive comments online. Don’t underestimate the power of a positive online review from your own employees.

Skip the Cake: Celebrate Birthdays with Gourmet Sweet & Salty Snacks

Snacks enhanced with chocolate, caramel, and other popular flavors can be a refreshing change from the usual grocery store sheet cake. If your workers are tired of the routine, maybe you just need to switch up the food for something fresh and new. Sweet and salty popcorn and pretzels can be less filling and last longer than the usual birthday fare.

Another Option: Digital Birthday Gift Cards 

If your office is tired of the birthday routine, bring in upscale snacks or send a Funky Chunky gift card or e-gift as a token of appreciation. Or, choose a date for sending your gift and let gourmet snack provider Funky Chunky do the rest. We make it easy for clients to Include a personalized message that their recipient will appreciate and remember.

At Funky Chunky, our team of experts is ready to make all of your office celebrations a success. We can handle every step, including customization for that personal touch. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

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