Best Office Morale Boosters

Joe Malicdem

It’s no secret that morale in the office is important. A study done by the Harvard Business Review showed that happy employees lead to companies with lower staff turnover and less need for replacements and are also more productive. Furthermore, happier employees tend to stay with their company longer. Because of this and many other reasons, it’s important to focus on office morale.

Why Is Office Morale Important?

It's important to have strong office morale for a variety of reasons. First, when employees are happy, they are more likely to be productive. Secondly, a good office morale creates a positive work environment, which attracts top talent. Finally, happy employees lead to happy customers, which is good for business.

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. Boosting morale in the office can have a number of benefits for both employees and employers. Improved communication and collaboration, increased creativity, and higher levels of productivity are just a few of the potential outcomes of a more positive work environment. A number of studies have shown that happy employees lead to happy customers, which in turn leads to a healthier bottom line. In other words, when employees are content and feel supported in their roles, everyone wins.

5 Effective Morale Boosters to Improve Company Culture attracts all types of employers from every industry, and they have covered this theme more than once. Here are some tips from the pros:

⦁ Create new ways to show employee appreciation.

⦁ Offer professional development, training & mentorship programs. 

⦁ Provide personal days. 

⦁ Create a flextime policy that includes remote work. 

⦁ Host team-bonding events.

You get the picture. There’s not just one way to foster a supportive, positive environment, one that even includes having fun with co-workers. Injecting the delicious flavors of gourmet snacks into your programming is sure to draw people to them and keep their interest. 

Stock Your Staff Kitchen with Quality Sweet & Salty Snacks

It is always important to make a good impression at professional events. One way to do this is to dress professionally. Another way is to be mindful of how you present your food and beverages. The way that food is presented at a professional event can be extremely important in terms of making a good impression on those who attend. The quality of edible products will also have an impact on office morale. 

During the autumn season, corporate leaders can use seasonal colors and images to send positive moods and messages - to remote workers, potential business partners, and on-premise personnel, as well. From one-off gifts to office parties, be sure to include tasty, comforting gourmet flavors with your seasonal decor. If you are having a Halloween, Thanksgiving or harvest-themed event, then you might want to incorporate attractive, seasonal colors, fun music, and chocolatey flavor in your plans.

Use Cost-Effective Gourmet Snacks 

At Funky Chunky, we understand that keeping your workers happy is a full-time job. Providing tasty, high-quality snacks at the office may not solve every problem, but it will get people to the table (or the break room) so that they’re not isolated from one another at their desks all day, with little to no interaction. Moreover, when you reach out to your most important clients and colleagues, a thoughtful, edible gift will improve another type of morale - the kind that gets formed outside of the office - and help create a positive image for your brand.

At Funky Chunky, our team of experts can walk you through every step of the ordering process - from describing our wide range of snacks products and helping you make a good selection, to ensuring they get where they need to go by your deadlines. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started on becoming the most popular workplace around.

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