Ditch Your Crummy Fundraising Snacks and Go for the Good Stuff

Joe Malicdem

Is there any better feeling than a successful, well-executed fundraiser that raises a ton of dough and forges new partnerships? Yet sometimes it’s the finer details that make the difference between success and disappointment. It’s surprisingly easy to send the wrong message with cheap crackers and lukewarm cubes of cheese – and lose the lead of your dreams. 

Enticing finger food goes with fundraisers like chocolatey snacks pair with a delicious glass of wine. Donors are human, and like it or not, humans are emotional creatures when it comes to food consumption. And too many organizations treat snacks like an afterthought, as though the quality of their offerings has no effect on the outcome. They couldn’t be more wrong. Just as you wouldn’t want the evening marred with harsh fluorescent lighting or unappealing music, the food and beverages being offered must taste just as good as they appear. 

Simple Steps for Incorporating Delicious Snacks in Your Next Event 

The stale fundraisers of yesteryear are out. In are fun, creative edibles that bring people together and start conversations without breaking the bank. Studies suggest that many people, millennials in particular, prefer memorable experiences over cheap plastic swag they’ll never use. If you want your next fundraiser to stand out, these three simple steps will help: 

  1. Serve tasty, high-quality snack food. As previously mentioned, something trendy and broadly appealing – like chocolate-covered pretzels or popcorn drizzled with caramel – will win out over dull and predictable. 
  2. Choose a memorable venue. You may not need to book the fanciest place in town. Just an appropriately sized space with the right atmosphere that allows for different sound and lighting options. 
  3. Use small touches to create ambiance. Have a little fun! Get creative with fixtures, photos, dishes and décor.  

The thing about snack food is that as long as it is of high, fresh quality, it should be fairly easy to incorporate with your décor. For instance, attendees will be delighted by colorful containers placed throughout the space full of sweet and salty treats, no matter why they originally showed up.  

Gift Online Snacks for Your Web-Based Fundraiser  

It probably comes as no surprise that mobile donations are on the rise, considering the recent spike in online revenue and spending in general. A glance at the spectrum of web-based giving shows that individual online gifts, online donations and monthly giving are all headed in the same direction – up. Even the auction at your next black-tie event can include a delectable assortment of high-end snacks with a broad appeal. Better yet, they can be hand-selected and channeled to your most prized donors through the interwebs, with little effort on your part. Top-notch snack providers like Funky Chunky specialize in just that, while doing the leg work for you.  

Let the Pros Handle Orders & Deliveries for You (Starting with Funky Chunky) 

Here’s some final food for thought. If you’re feeling a little unenthused about your offerings, there may be no need to start from scratch. Maybe all you need is to spruce things up with some delicious and easy-to-arrange snacks. Flavor profiles can be mixed and matched for all taste preferences: 

  • Chocolate  
  • Caramel 
  • Nutty 
  • Peanut butter cup  
  • Caramel latte  
  • Vanilla sweet crème 

The same goes for sending out gifts for any reason. Funky Chunky has years of experience handling orders and making deliveries for all types of clients and events. Our products are hand-crafted in small batches each day so you never have to worry about lackluster quality. We take orders online, include personalized messaging, and always get your gifts where they need to go on time.  

Funky Chunky can provide gifts and snacks for any fundraiser or corporate event. Send us the deets and we’ll handle the rest. Contact us today so we can help you get started on your next event! 

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