Fall Themes to Use in Your Next Event

Joe Malicdem

Who can resist an autumn-themed event? There are endless reasons that the months of October through December are optimal times to celebrate everything from your hard-working team to the amazing products and services to recently added partners and clients.

Fortunately for all the marketers and event planners out there, positive, life-affirming harvest themes abound that have the potential to make any seasonal event sparkle. Autumn is connected to universally beloved concepts. Think wine and food, colorful motifs, human connections with nature, approaching holidays, gatherings with friends and family by the hearth. 

Ways to Spruce Up Your Next Seasonal Event

No need to overthink your seasonal event. The whole point of brainstorming is to throw out as many ideas as possible and see what works in the space you’ve chosen and allotted budget.

Harvest Themes

Harvest refers to the time of year when many crops are gathered from fields and moved into storage. Since this theme already relates to food, there are lots of harvest party ideas for adults. Hayrides, pumpkin decorating, spiced cider, colorful leaves. But it’s also a spiritual time of inspiration for many people. Let your imagination run wild.

Fall into Flavors

With the arrival of colder weather, comfort food season is officially upon us. Pecans, cranberries and popcorn, oh my! The flavor options are endless. With that in mind, intersperse tasty gourmet snacks that are easy to please, such as carmel corn and chocolate drizzled pretzels, throughout your displays. Good luck getting people to leave.

Wrap in Your Brand

Never let your brand stray too far from the minds of your guests. No need to hit them over the head with it. Just be sure it appears somewhere in your presentations, while keeping the autumnal theme in tact. Services like Funky Chunky not only take care of snacks and deliveries that are attractively presented, but the company can incorporate brand names into the presentations of its products.

Autumn Crafts & Games

Organizational goals like business expansion and fundraising are important, but they can obfuscate the fact of another goal: people want to have fun at your event. No need to reinvent the wheel. Maybe there are simple activities that can be folded into your plans, like a wine tasting night filled with hors d’ouevres and snack trays to go around. Add to your list of speakers someone to talk about the intention of Thanksgiving while passing around samples of delicious, sweet and salty popcorn snacks. 

Trivia games are easy to pull off, but even playful crafts like hand turkeys, pumpkin decoration or candle making help people to feel involved. Prizes don’t have to be expensive. Everyone would love to win a box of sweet, tasty treats at the end of the evening. 

Colors Are King

The color spectrum of changing leaves isn’t the only visual inspiration in the fall. Sparkly glitter and gold displays will light up your winter festivities. Mix and match with candles and gords to complete the look. 

Get the Highest-Quality Snacks from Funky Chunky

With its small-batch approach to food, be sure to use a company like Funky Chunky that can provide gifts and snacks for any fundraiser or corporate event. Our popcorn mixes and gourmet treats are an economical favorite for all occasions, particularly this time of year. We offer party tins, gift baskets, trays or bulk options to suit an array of corporate and small business needs. Let us handle the leg work and streamline ordering to minimize efforts on your end.

Funky Chunky is a premier provider of diverse and delectable gourmet snack food items that can be beautifully packaged for any event. We’ll handle your needs from start to finish. Contact us today so we can help you set up any upcoming event!

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