Let the Holiday Season Planning Begin!

Joe Malicdem

From spooky snacks to cheerful appetizers, holiday planning season has officially begun! And we’re not just talking about those famous December holidays - there’s plenty more seasonal planning to think about before those come. But if you’re not the most advanced planner, don’t worry. Now is the perfect time to take a bird’s-eye view of what’s to come and start getting things in order. 

Why Start Your Seasonal Plans Now?

Have you ever noticed that the last four to six weeks of the year get progressively more stressful for many folks? Not to mention that party supplies, seasonal decor, and those sought-after gifts start disappearing from shelves and going out of stock online around this time of year! Lack of planning can lead to a feeling of being unprepared for what’s to come. Taking a few simple steps now can go a long way in removing that stress so you can enjoy the upcoming celebrations.

Start thinking about:

  • Scheduling dates
  • Food (for snacks, meals and parties)
  • Entertainment
  • Work events
  • Gifts and shopping
  • Music

Don’t let the word “planning” scare you away. When approached the right way, party planning can be an imaginative journey full of sweet and savory flavors, colorful visuals, and the loved ones of your choice. 

Make a Halloween-to-New Year’s Party Plan

People’s calendars start to fill up fast around this time of year. You’ll want to lay out the deets for each celebration you plan to have, as well as the appropriate time frame for addressing them. Determine your guest list, require RSVPs so you know who is coming and how many, figure out where the party will take place, and decide on a fun theme! 

Spreadsheets and lists come in handy here, so you can be sure to keep your events organized as they approach. Decide if you will be planning solo or if you need to delegate tasks to family and friends willing to help. Extra hands can relieve some of the party-planning anxiety.

Inject Holiday Flavors into Your Seasonal Work Parties & Events

Keep in mind that seasonal party planning is not limited to the home. Some of the strongest work bonds are created over the holidays when festive and cozy feelings start flying around the office. Nothing builds camaraderie like a good convo and some delicious food. 

But scheduling seasonal soirees can be challenging for busy work schedules, so be sure to nail down those dates in everyone’s calendar now. 

Order the Best Snacks Online for All Your Personal & Professional Events 

Once you nail down the planning details, you can focus on all the tasty, high-quality snacks to order so that no one is left with an empty glass or stomach. We can’t take care of everything, but the team at Funky Chunky can help ensure that your platters are filled with fun, delectable treats that look as enticing as they taste. We offer dozens of high-end pretzel and popcorn snack items that come in all sorts of flavors, such as:

  • Sea salt caramel
  • Vanilla sweet cream
  • Peanut butter cup
  • Dark chocolate mocha

Check out our best-selling products to help you get started! Funky Chunky will help you place your order, customize messages for gifts, and get the goods where they need to be on time. Contact us to find out what other supplies we can provide for your upcoming gatherings and events.

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