Low-Cost Ways to Keep Workers Inspired

Joe Malicdem

A good boss does whatever it takes to keep workers inspired and engaged. A wise one does it in a way that requires as little funding as possible, with a maximum return on investment. And that’s the thing about inspiration. There isn't always a direct correlation between money spent and the impact on your company culture. A trip to an overnight retreat can offer all the trust falls and bonding rituals in the world, but does that guarantee that workers will feel more positive and committed to top quality performance when they return to work on Monday?

While contemplating the answer, here are some inexpensive ways to boost morale and encourage employee engagement that are easy to pull off in any job setting. 

Make Sure Managers & Team Leaders Recognize and Appreciate Good Workers

It costs next to nothing to show gratitude for a job well done. And not doing so can lead people toward the exit. Create a culture of gratitude at work. Let managers and team leaders know they shouldn’t pass up opportunities to praise workers for a job well done, especially if people have put in extra time or a stressful project was just completed. 

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of upscale snacks to perk up a sleepy or uninspired office worker. Stock your staff kitchen with tasty, sweet and salty snacks that everyone can enjoy.

Communicate Important Messages Clearly and Often

According to a survey, a full third of human resources managers said lack of communication was the main cause of low morale at their places of employment. And speaking to workers shouldn’t cost anything at all. Although it may require a small time commitment on the part of department and organizational leaders to check in regularly with their team members – and ensure supervisors are doing the same with whoever reports to them – the payback for that relatively small effort is well worth it. 

Offer Opportunities such as Employee Engagement & Continuing Education

Everyone likes to feel they’re a part of something important, which is why corporate outings and company sports teams exist. Getting your company engaged in communicating volunteer activities can inspire workers by making them feel they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. Most people like the feeling that they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves, including local philanthropic causes such as classroom engagement at your local schools and colleges. 

Just as important, your employers want to know there is room for growth at work. Regardless of what products or services you provide, offer employees opportunities to develop new skills and talents that are relevant in their field through workshops and continuing education programs. Some companies have internal mentorship programs that address both needs – to help others and feel you’re part of a team, as well as to learn new job-related skills that will help workers move forward in their positions.

Gift High-Quality Snacks at Good Prices for Birthdays & Special Occasions

Corporate gifting is one of the biggest trends in corporate America today. And just about everyone loves a gesture of gratitude that is paired with something delicious – including a gift card that can be used at their leisure. Anything that keeps workers and other important stakeholders happy is worth the small expense it takes to send a gift. 

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