Make Your Marketing Stand Out with High-Quality Snacks

Joe Malicdem

Marketing may be a multi-billion industry, but it’s the small gestures that will make your brand stand out. There’s no way around it. It’s getting harder for companies to distinguish themselves amidst the competition. The same old gimmicks just don’t have the same sway over opinions as before. Your prospects likely have more tote bags, pens and mismatched mugs than they know what to do with.  

That’s what makes edible gifts in the form of high-end snacks so enticing for people on both ends of the marketing relationship. Food will always run out. A professionally designed and delivered gift basket is able to appeal to emotions in a way that yet another t-shirt can’t. 

Differentiate Your Marketing Materials with Gourmet Snacks 

How to differentiate your marketing and PR? Send it with chocolate. Or caramel. A variety of flavors and textures will ensure there’s something for anyone who loves a good snack break. If you’ve ever been to an industry fair of any kind, then you know snacks are a common way to draw attention to your booth. A brand like Funky Chunky offers attractive, tasty displays that will be easy to spot across the room. By offering high-quality gourmet snack products as part of your marketing and PR, you can satisfy the cravings while simultaneously boosting your name recognition.  

Edible Gifting as a Smart Demand Generating Tactic 

There are many ways that unique, tasty treats can supplement different stages of a marketing campaign – or at different parts of the sales “funnel,” as they say. As to how and when, smart marketers can make small gifts part of an overall strategy that considers timing and other factors. Here are four examples of the different ways a thoughtful gift might generate interest in your brand: 

  1. Reach a far-away prospect. Inviting prospects to coffee is not as easy as it used to be. Between digital gift cards and artful edible arrangements, gifting can be the best way to remind that geographically challenging prospect about what you have to offer. 
  2. Get a warm lead to engage. That prospect you connected with during your webinar or at a trade show? A follow-up email or call can easily get lost in the shuffle.  
  3. Reignite a stalled opportunity. People drop out of touch for countless reasons. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever be interested.  
  4. Offer former customers weekend sales. Don’t overlook those who have made one-off purchases from the past. Spread the word via multiple platforms about your upcoming sales. Weekends tend to reach a broader range of consumers to maximize profits. 

Boost Your Brand Strategy with Superior Quality, Attractive Design 

Sure, spreading tiny chocolate bars across the table at your next industry event is an option. But this common tactic might convey a lower quality and effort than something by Funky Chunky that has been freshly made and expertly designed. An experienced, reliable online supplier like Funky Chunky can: 

  • Handle your recipient data 
  • Provide a broad spectrum of goods 
  • Expedite your orders 
  • Customize gifts for a personal touch 
  • Ensure your gifts arrive on time 

The results are in. Studies show that an inexpensive gesture from a sales rep is often successful at making it more likely that a customer will make a purchase. Sending a tasty treat with your follow-up message is sure to keep you top of mind. 

Check out Funky Chunky’s countless sweet and savory snack products that can be incorporated into future events and marketing campaigns. Just send us the names and addresses of where the products will go, and we’ll handle the rest. Contact us today to get started! 

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