School’s Out! Start Prepping for Summer Picnics

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Picnic season needs more preparation than you might think – especially if you’re taking your kids with you. Finding that perfect spot in the shade with a gorgeous view is a great start, but that’s just the first step. 

Instead of making food an afterthought, planning some key snack items should be at the top of your list:

  1. Make a list of your favorite snack food ideas to bring with you.
  2. Order an abundance of gourmet snacks online that will keep for at least a few weeks.
  3. Don’t overdo the game planning – aim for low-budget activities.
  4. Set your sights on some great, spacious, easy-to-access locations.
  5. Circle a bunch of tentative picnic dates on your calendar. 

It doesn’t need to cost much, but there are certain details that will make the whole picnic experience enjoyable for people of all ages. 

Order Good, Low-Maintenance Snacks Online for the Whole Summer

Picnic planning will go a lot more smoothly when you have many of the ingredients of a good time in storage, ready to grab. While some dishes should be prepared within 24 hours of your outing, some of the most popular and beloved snack items can be ordered in advance and stored in bulk. 

Adults and kids alike will love seeing a dish of chocolate drizzled pretzels and sea salt caramel popcorn at your next outdoor gathering. When you order from Funky Chunky, you know you’re getting fresh ingredients prepared in small batches that meet your standards of quality.

Make Picnic Plans with Children in Mind 

Every parent and teacher knows planning activities involving children tend to take about three times longer than you think. It can be a challenge to keep kids off of electronics in the middle of the afternoon during the summer, which is why it can help to make picnic plans well in advance. Step one: buy some simple but high-quality snacks that will be fun and delicious for everyone.

Pack Items That Will Keep Everyone Comfortable

There are a lot of tricks to making your picnic more comfortable. Let’s face it: it’s the planners who deserve a relaxing time away from home that’s easy on the body. We have some suggestions for hacks that will take the stress and discomfort out of your day:

  • Pack gourmet popcorn and pretzel snacks in easy-to-transport containers.
  • Toss small, reusable or compostable dishes for serving in your bag or basket.
  • Bring a few pillows and a light, portable chair.
  • Don’t forget a plastic picnic blanket to protect you from any wet patches.
  • An extra cup can hold forks, spoons, napkins and condiments.
  • Always have extra hats and sunglasses on hand to keep the glare out of your eyes.
  • Cue up a list of summer tunes to match your favorite snack flavors

Let Funky Chunky Help You Find the Best Summer Picnic Snacks Online

Some summer activities can be stressful to plan (looking at you, cross-country family road trip). Americans love an opportunity to chill out and nosh under the sun. A warm-weather chance to enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks outdoors while the kids kick a ball around is about as basic, yet perfect, as summer fun gets. 

Visit Funky Chunky to check out the many varieties of high-end snacks that will boost the mood of any activity this season. We’re happy to help with your order and get it shipped wherever you need it. Contact us today to get started on a delicious, well-planned summer!

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