Showing Appreciation Can Help with Employee Retention

Joe Malicdem

One of the greatest challenges companies face today is finding enough good workers to fill positions. A shortage of skilled workers has even caused hiring to become more competitive. Want your best workers to stay? 

When it comes to keeping good employees, one of the best ways to attract and keep great talent is to show your employees that you appreciate them. A creative and economical way to say thank you is through a simple gesture. More companies are putting a little flavor in their gesture by sending unique, high-quality edible products. A few ways to do this is though:

  1. Digital gift cards 
  2. Artful edible arrangements
  3. Customized gifts 
  4. Recognizing birthdays and other occasions 

Sometimes managers forget to do this, but showing appreciation for the hard work and effort of their employees goes a long way in keeping them happy and committed to their job. Employees who feel appreciated are less likely to leave than those who don't. It’s that simple. Ultimately, it’s the small gestures of gratitude that increase productivity and job satisfaction among your workforce. 

Don’t Be an Ingrate: Say Thank You with Tasty, Upscale Snack Products

Everyone likes to be thanked. Funky Chunky gourmet treats will showcase your gratitude in a sweet and thoughtful way. Showing your workers that you care can be tailored through food products with customized messages of your choice. Partnering with a company like Funky Chunky makes doing so easy by doing the work for you. Whatever event you have coming up, you can incorporate party tins, gift baskets, trays or bulk options to suit any of your needs. 

And there are endless creative gifting options for incorporating your messages with gourmet snack items. An attractive, nutty gift basket or popcorn tin can be a great way to say thank you to a particularly industrious or creative worker. Funky Chunky has years of experience handling orders and making deliveries for all types of events and occasions. Our products are hand-crafted in small batches each day so you never have to worry about lackluster quality. We take orders online, include personalized messaging, and always get your gifts where they need to go on time. 

There Are Many Ways to Show Appreciation Through Gifting 

Gifting should be a part of every human resources strategy. At the heart of each gift is appreciation. Start by looking for opportunities to recognize the efforts put in by others - your teammates, an important colleague, or someone you really want to join your company. The same rules apply when sending gifts to employees as with business prospects. Sending a tasty treat will create positive associations after a tough project or long day where people put in a few extra hours. The great thing about a service like Funky Chunky’s is that all you do is bring us your idea and we help you with the rest. 

Gifts Boost Employee Retention through Positive Associations

When it comes to running a successful business, there are a multitude of ways to recognize the efforts your staff have put into it. The ability to keep your best employees happy and satisfied is critical to ensuring that they continue to come to work each day and provide their best output. 

Anything Funky Chunky has to offer has been freshly made and expertly designed. Perhaps your organization is growing and it’s hard to stay on top of birthdays, let alone arrange a gift for every employee. All you do is provide us with your spreadsheet of information, and we’ll take it from there. An experienced, reliable online supplier like Funky Chunky can:

  • Handle your recipient data
  • Provide a broad spectrum of goods
  • Expedite your orders
  • Customize gifts for a personal touch
  • Ensure your gifts arrive on time

Check out Funky Chunky’s countless sweet and savory snack products that can be incorporated into a gift for any occasion. Just send us the names and addresses of where the products will go, and we’ll handle the rest. Contact us today to get started!

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