Top Corporate Gift Trends

Joe Malicdem

Corporate gifts are important because, even when coming from a company, they can still show an appreciation for the individual. The employee feels appreciated and this can lead to better work performance. Additionally, studies have shown that giving corporate gifts can also lead to increased productivity. Even a small gift can show that the company values its relationship with its customers. 

Perhaps most important of all, corporate gifts are effective at boosting morale, especially amongst staff who may be feeling down about the current economic climate. No matter how (or whether) you wrap them, small gestures can show that the company is interested in its customers, workers and their needs.

Gifting as Part of Your Corporate Culture

Gifts are an important and growing part of today’s corporate culture. They can show appreciation for employees or customers, and can create goodwill among team members. When done correctly, they can also lead to more business opportunities. They boost corporate morale while showing appreciation for a job well done, or they can show support for a department or individual. They can even be given as an acknowledgement of friendship between work buddies. 

Whatever the reason, gifts are a common way to show appreciation. There are many benefits to giving gifts to your employees or customers, and it is important to choose ones that will leave the best taste in people’s mouths. 

Customized Gifts for Birthdays, Holidays and Other Occasions

Whether to thank someone for a job well done, or to express hope that you will collaborate on future projects, anything that adds a special, personal touch to a gift can show you care. Consider sending workers, colleagues and potential business partners something with small but meaningful messages, such as a birthday wish or sentiment of gratitude. 

Customized gifts can make an even bigger impact. Anything can be customized, no matter how small, as long as it is beautifully made and broadly appealing. With Funky Chunky, you can make sure your message is presented in the best way possible. Clients get to customize: 

⦁ Logo labels

⦁ Logo ribbons 

⦁ Choose their preferred color options

⦁ Include a complimentary notecard 

⦁ Provide the message of their choice

Gourmet Snack Gifts: Chocolate, Popcorn and Pretzels, Oh My!

The snack food trend is one of the biggest food trends in the history of this country. Popcorn, pretzels, chocolate candy, and products that combine all of those ingredients are especially popular in the US. Why not use high-quality edible gifts to keep your work relationships in good condition?

Many people have less time for meals, opting to grab a snack at their desk or in their car instead of going out for lunch. If they do take breaks - as everyone should! - most people will still reach for that candy bar or bag of nuts to get the calories they need to get through a project or meet that tight deadline. Something that is delicious and reminds them they are valued has many potential benefit:

⦁ Motivate people in their job

⦁ Send an important message

⦁ Promote your brand

⦁ Build relationships 

⦁ Include a promotion 

Delicious Snack Food Gifts from Funky Chunky

Gifts present an opportunity to demonstrate goodwill and strengthen relationships. Corporations should give gifts to their employees and partners to show that they care about their well-being and to create stronger ties.

Why not let us do the hard work of creating, designing, producing, selecting and customizing the gifts for you - not to mention getting it where it needs to be on time? Funky Chunky provides a wide variety of small batch gifts and snacks for any types of occasional or work functions, from nonprofit fundraisers to big corporate events. Our products will help your team satisfy cravings, stay energized at work, and feel positive about work. Our popcorn mixes and other gourmet treats are a favorite for all occasions. Thanks to the high quality and cost-effectiveness of our snacks, we have a strong, loyal following of repeat customers. 

Funky Chunky is a premier provider of diverse and delectable gourmet snack food items that can supply your staff kitchen or be beautifully packaged for gifts and events. We’ll handle your needs from start to finish. Contact us today so we can help you get started today!

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