What Makes Snack Culture So Very American

Joe Malicdem

Snack food is every bit as American as apple pie - maybe even more so. Take it from the Institute of Food Technologists, which reports that U.S. adults consumed on average 2.7 snacks each day in 2021, with some younger adults consuming five or more snacks per day - a rate that has only climbed in recent years.

In other words, it’s safe to assume that your worker, business partners, donors and most people in your professional orbit have the munchies on a fairly regular basis. The same thing goes if they’re abroad, since this need to chow between meals appears to be a global trend. The question is, how do you leverage this information to your advantage? 

Why Americans Love Their Snacks

Another study showed that a quarter of all meals eaten by Americans were snacks. This trend has grown immensely in recent decades. There are many reasons for this. It’s no surprise that Americans love to snack. People from all walks of life in the United States have less time for meals. When workers do have time to eat, their meals are often smaller because people are on the road or trying to seal a deal at their desk. Snacking can also be seen as a way to avoid hunger, as people will often reach for that bag of chips or a candy bar when they are hungry and on the go.

But while the typical American diet has changed dramatically over the past several decades, snacking has remained a constant in many ways. So what is it about snacking that we Americans find so appealing while at work? Well, they offer many benefits:

  • Satisfy cravings
  • Energize us to meet key deadlines
  • Can be stashed in a desk drawer
  • Are easily accessible 
  • Require little preparation
  • Are portable and can be eaten on the go

If you manage a team or a whole enterprise, these are all reasons to use high-quality edible goods as a way of building business, creating connections and keeping your brand top of mind.

Pay Attention to Food Opportunities in New Work Environments 

The work-from-home phenomenon has led to millions of people consuming food at home that they otherwise would at or near their workplace. Do a little math and you can see the implications. Food is what brings professionals together in any setting, but your organization may have to work a little harder to figure out how to incorporate this information in your business plans. 

Popcorn, pretzels, chocolate candy, and products that combine all of those ingredients are especially popular in the US. With so many changes in where people are working and how they’re staying connected, you may need to rethink your strategies for using food to keep those work relationships strong.

All Your Best Snack Food Should Come from Funky Chunky

None of this means reinventing the wheel. Each day, Funky Chunky provides gifts and snacks for many types of work functions, from low key nonprofit fundraisers to big corporate events. Reach out to us to discuss opportunities for using our services to help your organization grow. Crafted in small batches, our popcorn mixes and other gourmet treats are a favorite for all occasions. Thanks to the high quality and cost-effectiveness of our snacks, we have a strong, loyal following of repeat customers. 

Funky Chunky is a premier provider of diverse and delectable gourmet snack food items that can supply your staff kitchen or be beautifully packaged for gifts and events. We’ll handle your needs from start to finish. Contact us today so we can help you get started today!

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