What to Bring to Holiday Events – Including Your Own

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As we hit the final stretch of the holiday season, there is one remaining task on many people's shopping list: Find appropriately wonderful, tasty treats to bring to all of those events filling up your calendar – including your own holiday party. 

Endless celebrations can be a blast this time of year. But deciding what to bring and then taking all the steps to make that happen isn’t always quite as much fun. Visit Funkychunky.com and you will find countless delectable options that can be ordered and shipped wherever you need them.

Bring Upscale Popcorn and Pretzel Snacks to Any Holiday Event

Appetites are mighty at end-of-year holiday events. And there’s a simple, delicious way to impress party hosts and guests alike this year. 

Instead of mediocre store-bought cookies that will blend in with the rest, be sure to show up with something unique and high-quality as a thank you to all the party hosts on your list. Something that their guests, as well as your own, might not find at any other event. Bring an assortment of Funky Chunky’s gourmet snack mix to the celebration of any seasonal occasion

Make Funky Chunky’s Gourmet Snacks the Star of Your Dessert Table

Looking for something festive to dress up your holiday dessert table? You don’t want just one dessert item in the hopes that everyone will share the same taste. (Those days are gone!) Plus, it is the season of over-indulgence. And for many folks, what they want to indulge in is dessert. 

That’s why Funky Chunky’s gourmet snacks can be the unique star of any dessert table. Two qualities can fill any holiday dessert presentation with cheer:

1. A Delicious Variety to Choose From

We always have more variety in flavors, sizing and packaging than you can imagine. And there’s even more to choose from in December. Our holiday snack collection includes seasonal popcorn pails and canisters full of delightful treats.

2. Exciting & Colorful Presentations

The holidays are nothing if not special. Unlike the rest of the year, when any assortment of sweet snacks might be expected, presentation and quality matter a little more at holiday gatherings. Our products are dressed in elegant packaging, topped off with a ribbon, and can even include a personalized message of your choice. 

Throwing Your Own Holiday Party? Here’s What You Need to Know

Funky Chunky produces a wide variety of tasty, upscale snack foods for any occasion. They are created by hand in small batches in a kitchen, which can’t be said for most snack foods you’ll find on the shelf at your local grocery store.

If you are planning to serve Funky Chunky snacks at your next party, serving amounts are marked on the packaging. However, keep in mind that people will be filling their bellies even more this time of year. Be sure you have more than enough for everyone, including your hungriest uncle with the sweetest tooth in the family. You know the one. 

Ready to Relax? Let Us Handle Your Snack Orders for You

Funky Chunky offers pre-packaged gift bundles that are ready to ship, near or far, making them the ideal solution for time-strapped shoppers. While stocking up on your one-of-a-kind popcorn and pretzel treats, here are a few things we added to sweeten the deal:

Shop now at funkychunky.com, as stocks might be limited on specialty items. Contact our care team with any questions you have about our gourmet snack products this holiday season.

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