Why Do We Love Snacking Even More in the Fall?

Joe Malicdem

If you’ve already noticed a weather-induced need to nibble, you are not alone. Leaves are changing color. The atmosphere is becoming crisp. Pumpkin spice is in the air (or at least in the lattes). 

All of that can only mean one thing: snacking season is here. What makes tasty, sweet and salty snacks particularly exciting right now?

  • A chance to explore new seasonal products
  • Midday burst of energy
  • Mood lifter when you need it
  • Provides comfort in the cold
  • Excuse to hang out with friends

The truth is, if you’re American, you probably love a good snack now and then no matter what time of year it is. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Sometimes it’s what keeps a person going between meals. But the habit seems to take on a whole new meaning as temperatures start to dip. Who can blame you, with all the fun, new, seasonal flavors appearing across the country. 

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, Seasonal Snacks Keep the Celebration Going

Many years ago, the anticipation of harvest was a time to celebrate life before winter set in. And that spirit of enjoyment is still alive and well today. As any snack enthusiast knows, seasonal treats are possibly the best thing about the fall holiday season. 

Trick-or-treating may be for kids, but adults love Halloween treats just as much, and they don’t need to limit themselves to the 31st (or their kids’ candy supply). And autumn is the perfect time for indulging in this annual ritual in just the right amount. Especially the unique themed products that are only available in limited editions. Unlike other popular holidays, small, bite-sized treats and other food related to the fall season can be enjoyed for months.

There’s Something Magical About Autumn Traditions – and Flavors

In many cultures around the world, fall is not just a season. It’s a time to celebrate what makes life magical, and Halloween is just part of it, albeit a delicious part. It’s a chance to indulge your sweet tooth while connecting with a 2,000-year-old pagan Celtic tradition. Or a centuries-old Mexican celebration honoring one’s ancestors. 

There is also something about this season that makes us want to embrace the outdoors, bake, and bask in the comfort of tasty, seasonal foods and drinks. There’s an abundance of delicious flavors to choose from, which is why so many of the snacks available right now have roots in harvest themes. Popcorn is always popular, but especially when it comes in crazy-delicious flavor combinations like ours.

No wonder snacking in the fall is so popular.

Funky Chunky is a Feel-Good Snack

Whether you’re a busy parent juggling kids with work or a student taking a study break with his buddies, you have one thing in common this time of year: the desire to kick back and indulge a little in between life’s responsibilities. 

So, why not introduce your friend (or mom) group to something new and a bit higher quality than the usual?

Contact us for help ordering your next batch of snacks today. And don’t forget to order Funky Chunky’s gourmet popcorn, pretzels and other products offered year round!

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