Why Snacks Are the Perfect Holiday Gift for Just About Anyone

Joe Malicdem

Do you need ideas for unique, inexpensive gifts this year that are sure to please? If you’re like most of us, you have more than a few items on your shopping list. There are so many parties and people to think about this time of year! And it’s especially hard to find the right gifts for those folks on your list who you may not know very well.

Fret not! There is one thing just about everyone has in common – a deep and abiding love of high-quality snack food. Snacks are universally beloved and are perfect for providing a tasty escape from a hectic world, which is what everyone needs right about now. 

Five Festive Reasons That Snacks Make the Ideal Gift

Forget about those store-bought cookies that you dole out each year. Here are five tasty reasons that giving the gift of gourmet snack food is a sure-fire way to spread holiday cheer at all of your upcoming holiday gatherings:

1. Popular Snacks Can Be Sweet … and Salty

These days, you never know who has a sweet tooth and who prefers salty. That’s why you can’t lose when combining the two. Sweet and salty snack items such as chocolatey pretzels and popcorn drizzled in caramel are sure to put a smile on the faces of loved ones as well as acquaintances. 

2. Gourmet Snacks Make the Perfect Party Gift for Hosts

This time of year, it’s smart to have some extra gift items on hand for those unexpected invitations. A party host wants something simple that can be placed on the dessert table or passed around as a snack. That’s why Funky Chunky’s upscale snacks are always a crowd pleaser at parties. 

3. Even Strangers Love High-Quality, Sweet & Salty Snacks

From your kid’s soccer coach to work colleagues to friends of friends, it isn’t easy to find something that everyone will like. That’s why popular, high-quality snacks are the go-to solution for tired shoppers.

Just don’t show up with a family-sized bag of cheese puffs you’d bring to a game. Go for something special and a bit more indulgent – such as a bucket of gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors. You will be remembered fondly in the new year.

4. Edible Gifts Can Be Personalized with a Heartfelt Holiday Greeting

A snack gift can be personalized to reflect the recipient's preferences, making it a more thoughtful gesture that they will truly appreciate. At Funky Chunky, we make it even easier by including a personalized message of your choice with any gift you purchase – and then shipping it where you need it to go.

5. A Variety of Funky Chunky Snack Food Options Spice Up Any Holiday

Have you checked out Funky Chunky’s website lately? Our snacks made in small batches are the unsung heroes of holiday gifting. There are countless flavor profiles and packaging options to choose from – for every occasion and holiday throughout the year. 

Give the GIft of Funky Chunky’s Gourmet Snacks This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be snacking! This time of year, it is all about celebrating the little things in life, especially with loved ones. Whether you need something for the host of Thanksgiving dinner or your friend’s New Year’s Eve bash, we’ve got you covered.

Funky Chunky provides:

  1. A variety of gift sets
  2. Options for every budget
  3. The personalized message of your choice
  4. FREE custom cards available on our website
  5. Delivery wherever you need it

Contact Funky Chunky for help ordering holiday snacks for everyone on your gift list this season.

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