Why Your Wedding Party Should Serve Flavored Popcorn

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Everyone loves a spring wedding. The fresh flowers. The live music and that first dance. Even cynics can’t help but be moved by the vision in white and public celebration of eternal love. Still, the planning that goes into showers and receptions can take you by surprise, even if you’re not the one actually planning the wedding itself. 

So why not take a bite out of whatever efforts you have on your wedding season calendar by including a snack that is simple, relatively inexpensive and universally beloved: multi-flavored gourmet popcorn. Whether drizzled in chocolate, caramel or something else entirely, it will be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

Why Wedding Guests Love Gourmet Popcorn Snacks

There’s a reason wedding planning is a booming professional industry. Putting together all the right ingredients of a wedding reception takes work! Some people dive in with big ambitions, only to burn out as the date closes in.

Whether you’re going upscale or down-home, gourmet popcorn is sure to match the celebratory mood. That’s because a variety of flavors of small-batch caramel popcorn combine a simple snack food with delicious toppings and a high-quality presentation. A snack provider like Funky Chunky can ensure you receive a beautiful presentation and freshness in every supply.

Popcorn Can Be Both Fancy and Casual

Weddings are famous for combining a lot of things in the same space. Fancy clothes and casual dance moves. Stylish updos and letting your hair down. Relatives you normally don’t see with your closest friends and family. 

The thing about weddings is they often start out as a somber religious event, but they still end up with all the aunts, uncles and cousins burning up the dance floor like no one (or everyone) is watching. A large receptacle filled with chocolate drizzled popcorn can fit right in with tea cakes, cookies and cheese platters. And it’s the popcorn that will get eaten as the night goes on. It hits the spot but isn’t too filling. Just be sure you order enough to last all night!

What Caramel Popcorn Flavors Are Best to Have at Wedding Parties?

For a wedding, in particular, you want your snack presentations to be special. If you know the bride has a sweet-and-salty tooth, order a large tin of Sea Salt Caramel. But your best bet is to place a broad combination of snacks in your order that will please even the choosiest guest. We have a few suggestions for how to make that process simple and carefree:

  1. Peruse our website for party snack ideas.
  2. Order an abundance of your Four Flavor Gift Pack, Deluxe Gift Tins, Premier Gift Pack, or other delightful combo of beautifully packaged caramel popcorn treats. 
  3. Be sure to splurge. This is a wedding!
  4. Give yourself time. Place your order online in advance.
  5. Store snacks in a cool location before the Big Day.
  6. Gather a variety of serving receptacles that match the theme of the wedding like bins, cups or cones 
  7. Place them around the reception hall so everyone has easy access to our mouth-watering treats. 

Pro tip: Set aside a stash for the bride and her friends while they help her get ready pre-wedding. 

Gourmet Snack Provider Funky Chunky Will Help You Plan the Perfect Wedding Party

When you let Funky Chunky help you fuel your wedding shower, bachelor party, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal or wedding reception with our delectable gourmet snack products, you are sure to win. With such a broad range of options, we can serve all tastes, styles and palate types. 

Final step: let the celebrating begin!

Funky Chunky is a premier provider of upscale gourmet caramel popcorn snack food items made in small batches so they are always fresh and of the highest quality. Contact us today so we can help you get started planning whatever event or celebration that is coming your way.

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