3 Signs You’re a Snackaholic

Joe Malicdem

Thinking you might be a snackaholic? Join the club! Heck, some people survive on snacks alone. There are worse forms of addiction. In fact, there is a long and proud tradition in the U.S. of indulging in this popular pastime. It’s common for younger Americans to gnosh on items like popcorn and pretzels five times a day. 

But getting back to you. Here are some signs that snackaholism may run in your veins:

1 Your Snack Collection is More DIverse Than Your Stock Portfolio

According to one Etsy post, a true snackaholic is someone with an elaborate and diverse snack collection. The items are carefully picked to satisfy the person’s every craving and support their snack addiction. Sound familiar?

If you’re curious how many flavors can be combined to form the perfect sweet and salty snack, check out Funky Chunky’s list of its most popular snack flavors:

  • Caramel corn
  • Caramel latte
  • Chocolate popcorn
  • Chocolate pretzel
  • Dark chocolate mocha 
  • Peanut butter cup
  • Vanilla Cream

Is your mouth watering yet? If not, you might want to get that checked out.

2 You Carefully Plan Snack Breaks – and Look Forward to Them All Morning

The magazine Red Book declared that looking forward to your 11 a.m. snack (maybe a little too enthusiastically?) was a sign of snackaholism. But who doesn’t fixate on their next snack or meal all morning? A full four percent of Brits self-reported as snack addicts when this article came out. As in, they found it impossible to quit their yummy morning food breaks.

Just four percent? Please. We beat the Brits before. We can do it again – by outsnacking them any day of the week.

Perhaps more surprising, a third of respondents said they would rather give up alcohol than snacks. Here at Funky Chunky, we think your favorite beverage will pair brilliantly with a whole host of delicious treats.

3 You Attend Work Celebrations for the Food

Let’s face it. Some office celebrations, meetings, and events would be a little lackluster without delicious snacks to remind you why you showed up.

Birthdays are the most common office celebrations, and it is certainly important to use any excuse to recognize the contributions of workers. Doing so has been shown to keep them coming back, elevate their loyalty and even encourage them to produce better output. But they can also build human connections in an otherwise stressful workday. 

Might as well embrace the fact that providing sustenance has a way of making people feel appreciated, brings people together and builds teams in any organization.

Anyone Should See the Value of Tasty Treats in Building Corporate Connections 

You don’t need to be addicted to snacking to see the value in a well-planned food break. Tasty treats in the workplace are what makes the world go round. They attract potentially important contacts to meetings, events and fundraisers. Keeping the flow of upscale, sweet and salty snacks in your shared office kitchen has a lot of upsides. As long as it’s good quality, there is seemingly unlimited potential for a tasty treat to:

      • Break up a long workday
      • Make workers feel appreciated 
      • Create camaraderie between colleagues
      • Improve morale 
      • Bost retention rates

        Want to perk up your workers? Consider bringing gourmet snacks, such as caramel or chocolate drizzled popcorn, to the office for a change of pace. Everyone loves a delicious, sweet and salty treat as an excuse to break up a long day. 

        Funky Chunky Will Satisfy Your Cravings and Supply Food for Your Work Events 

        Can’t get your mind off your favorite snack? We get it. Try introducing upscale snacks at work, and send Funky Chunky gift cards or e-gifts as tokens of appreciation. We make it easy and will also include a personalized message that their recipient will appreciate and remember.   

        At Funky Chunky, we want to satisfy your workers’ every sweet & salty craving. Our team of experts is ready to make all of your office celebrations a success. We can handle every step, including customization for that personal touch. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

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