6 Tips for Backyard Entertainment Made Easy

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The kids know something about backyard entertainment that adults sometimes forget: simple snacks and a few outdoor activities are all you need for a good time. There are certain basic ingredients that will help make any outdoor party you’re planning a success this summer:

  • High-quality snacks that appeal to kids and adults alike.
  • Simple, colorful food presentations.
  • Comfy, easy-to-assemble places to sit.
  • A few popular games and activities. 
  • A mix of your favorite friends and family.

So, how do you make a plan before the invite has even been sent? By envisioning five or six things you can get started on today.

Tip 1: Start Ordering Snacks for Your Next Backyard Party 

Neighbors will tell you they admire your firepit and matching lawn furniture. But what keeps people happy at any summer gathering is an assortment of uniquely delicious snacks, in plentiful quantities so they’re not embarrassed about helping themselves to seconds (or thirds). Before game day arrives, take a look online for a diversity of quality snack items so everyone has something they can enjoy:

  • Check out high-quality snack products online.
  • Plan for low-maintenance edibles that nearly everyone likes.
  • Who’s coming? Keep people’s varying food tastes in mind.
  • Place your orders with time to spare.

Tip 2: Include Popular, Easy-to-Serve Gourmet Snacks

Remember to include a few items other than grilled burgers, grocery store chips and your uncle’s famous seven-layer dip. Sweet-and-salty gourmet popcorn, chocolate drizzled pretzels, and other unique, gourmet snacks are sure to be favorites at every type of gathering.

Tip 3: Set Up a Colorful and Fun Snack Table for Outdoor Entertaining

People throughout the country are seeking more ways – and reasons – to spend time with loved ones in their own backyards. Nearly three quarters of Americans have created patios, decks and other outdoor living spaces in recent years that make it easier to watch tv, entertain, cook, prepare food and chill out surrounded by the elements. No matter what your particular landscape looks like, find a convenient space to set up a snack table with a brightly colored tablecloth, plates, napkins, and a spread of delicious snacks.

Tip 4: Cool, Possible Alternative: Drink and Snack Cart

One alternative to the snack table is to set up one or two snack carts. Having a way to transport yummy treats and libations to people in different locations is a fun way to make sure everyone has something to eat, especially folks who aren’t very mobile themselves.

Tip 5: Set an Inviting, Summery Mood with Decorative Details

The fun doesn't have to begin and end at your snack table. There are many simple but creative details that can set a jolly mood while still keeping things casual. 

What’s the outdoor lighting situation? These days, it’s easy to get weather-resistant lighting sources that will last outdoors all summer long. You can also brighten your hard with decorative features such as paper lanterns that hang from trees or a couple standalone candles to illuminate in the evening while keeping bugs away. Some combination of the two is usually best so you don’t feel you’re reinventing the wheel every time folks come over.

Tip 6: Find the Best High-End Snack Provider Online at FunkyChunky.com

There are many reasons to expand on your offerings of tasty, gourmet snacks at your next summer soiree. Whatever your plans, let the team at Funky Chunky help you get started! We are here for your picnics, staycations, beach days and so much more. Just reach out with a question and we are happy to answer.

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