7 Hot Branding Trends

Joe Malicdem

Like it or not, “branding” is the name of the game, whether personal, corporate, or something else entirely. But first – a bit of clarity on this word that everyone uses but doesn’t necessarily understand. If you’re struggling to establish or identify your own brand , you might even be a little confused at this point. That’s because the word has been used to refer to just about anything – a name, a design, a symbol, or even a feeling that someone gets from, say, their new Adidas sneakers. Mostly, it refers to an idea that distinguishes your goods or services from those of your rivals. You want to stand out, ideally in a positive way that people will remember and keep them coming back for more.

Whew! Now that we got that out of the way, back to those sizzling hot trends, and how to take advantage of them this year. We’ve got a few insights for you, as well as some ideas on where to start.

7 Popular Branding Trends for Any Type of Company

As long as it serves to promote a product or company – even if indirectly or subconsciously – a method could be considered a part of your branding campaign. Seven popular branding trends were recently outlined that could be applied in many ways:

1. Use Visuals

Today more than ever before, people want to see what you’re talking about. It’s why a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million. If you’re considering gift baskets or edible gifts, then an attractive, mouthwatering presentation of snacks should do the trick.

2. Digital Gifting & Virtual Reality

No one wants to look behind the times. They can quickly be judged and dismissed as out of touch (and suspected as providing outdated products or services). But it’s fairly simple to up your game in this area. Either use some form of VR, or send digital gift cards for an irresistible, hand-picked treat as birthday presents to valuable partners and personnel.

3. Encourage Shared Office Treats

In this sharing economy, the spirit of teamwork extends from cars to office space, and everything in between. Motivate workers by stacking your communal kitchen or break room with tasty treats that everyone will love.

4. Reward Loyalty

Whether through a store app, personalized message or customized business gift, include a message as a token of your appreciation. People like to feel valued and seen for their efforts at work.

5. Offer an Experience 

People will enjoy and remember a positive experience, whether it’s solid customer service or the feel of a delicious, sweet and salty snack on their tongue. 

6. Keep It Simple

When it comes to gifting and recognizing prospective customers and colleagues, the best approach is usually to keep things simple and try not to overdo the gesture. 

7. Do It Live or In Person

Finally, nothing is hotter in branding today – and in social media in general – than a live-streamed experience. Staged or not, this format is available on various platforms and can be widely effective at promoting a brand. But you don’t need to strap a GoPro to your head to make someone feel included in your brand. 

Pro Tip: There’s still the old school version of live, which is meeting people in person, at an event or office gathering. Whoever you want to impress or show gratitude to, a gourmet edible gift is a delicious way to make them feel included and appreciated, no matter where they are. 

Where to Start? With High-Quality Snacks from Funky Chunky

When seeking creative ways to promote your brand, never underestimate the power of flavor. Because it’s tied to other senses like sight and smell, these are some of the most powerful ways to leave a positive memory and association with your name and offerings. 

And there’s a lot of room for creativity when partnering with a small company like Funky Chunky. We offer a broad range of snacks for individuals, fundraisers and corporate events, as well as a helpful partner in your marketing or branding campaigns. Just send us your info and we'll handle the rest. 

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