Boost Employee Engagement Through Their Taste Buds

Joe Malicdem

According to Merriam-Webster, being engaged in an activity means you’re “greatly interested” and “committed” to it. Wouldn’t it be great only to have employees that fit that description? The fact is, a bit of human psychology also goes into finding out what makes people want to work harder and perform better for their employer. So, to boost engagement and morale, business leaders have to discover what motivates people and then appeal to that side of them.  

But people can be motivated by many things: money, flexibility, work-life balance, just to name a few.  

That’s what makes food as a motivator so universally appealing. Everyone eats, and most people are happy doing it. It’s one of the few things we can all agree on, and organizational leaders need to look for a common denominator when it comes to connecting with their workforces. Fortunately, there are many ways companies can put food to use as part of their overall strategy. To name a few: 

  • As gifts for special occasions 
  • To recognize a job well done 
  • For office birthdays 
  • To support charities 
  • As business gifts 

Free Office Food is a Trend You Can’t Ignore 

The fact is, food is such a strong motivator that many American companies incorporate free food in some form at the office. A recent report explains how the trend is even being replicated around the globe: “Offering a range of free food items … has flown over from American shores to many European subsidiaries and beyond.” In some cases, lunchtime restaurants and convenience stores were not available. In others, providing free food is being used more and more as a motivational tool to “attract and retain employees with the food becoming a benefit of employment.” 

You’re welcome, European workers! But what is it about food that boosts employee engagement in the first place? 

Why “Engage” Employees Who Are Already Doing Their Jobs? 

You know the telltale signs of someone phoning it in: the emotionally dead voice, lack of enthusiasm, uncreative output. Your customers notice it, as well, and will silently switch brands based on the hunch someone isn’t into their job – and therefore not into serving their needs. Of course, there’s a vast gray area between someone completely unengaged and the countless other workers who want to do a good job but can get sidetracked by everything from personal problems to office gossip. And that’s where a high-quality (edible) gifting service comes into play. 

From a simple numbers standpoint, engagement shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone trying to grow their organization. Businesses that score high in employee engagement are significantly more profitable and productive than those with low levels of engagement – by over 20%, according to one study. In other words, the investment will be paid back and then some. On the flip side, a single unhappy employee can cost you thousands of dollars, not to mention the time and money spent replacing them. 

Boost Your Bottom Line with Tasty Snacks  

Research shows that investing in employee engagement has the potential to work wonders when it comes to boosting productivity, profits, and even employee fulfillment. Your organization can take a few different tactics simultaneously rather than putting all your eggs (and funds) in one basket.  

And one of these tactics should be in making tasty, universally appealing snacks available to everyone. It’s such a simple, low-cost gesture with a high return on your investment. With its simple online ordering process, Funky Chunky makes it easy to stock a cupboard in the staff kitchen with beloved hand-crafted items such as: 

  1. Chocolate covered pretzels 
  2. Chocolatey, caramely, or nutty gourmet popcorn 
  3. Flavor options ranging from peanut butter cup to caramel latte to vanilla sweet crème 

Don’t forget, a high-quality sweet treat has the added benefit of boosting endorphins – those chemicals known as happiness hormones. And that treat will pair easily with any other engagement strategy you have in mind. 

Funky Chunky can provide gifts and snacks for any occasion or corporate event. Send us the recipients’ names and we’ll handle the rest, even customize gifts for that personal touch. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how to get started. 

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