Spring (Office) Cleaning: What to Toss & What to Keep

Joe Malicdem

Planning to clean and organize your office? It’s no wonder so many companies put off this necessary task. Just the thought of such an endeavor can be enough to make workers and managers alike heading for the exit. For best results, it’s best to get some form of buy-in from the whole organization.

There’s also the difficulty of deciding: what exactly should be kept or tossed when cleaning and tidying up a shared office space? Even at work, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You don’t want any important files to go missing. But offices need to appear clean, organized and up-to-date to be presentable to prospective clients, as well as to provide a healthy working environment for employees.

Spring cleaning and organizing doesn’t have to take too much time. Here’s how to get started.

Plan and Communicate Participation to Workers in Advance

If you really want a deep clean that involves the whole office – including every closet and cubicle – you may need to plan an event so that each employee is responsible for their own space. Success in planning an office spring cleaning is dependent on at least some advanced planning.

For bigger jobs, develop a detailed roadmap that outlines timelines, resources, and assigned responsibilities. Preparations for the event should begin days or weeks in advance so that everyone participating can stay on top of their schedule.

Getting your workers on board shouldn’t be too difficult. Providing some delicious, upscale sweet and salty snacks as a thank you will let them know you’re grateful and provide a boost of energy to clear out their work stations. Snacks enhanced with chocolate, caramel, and other popular flavors are sure to create a more inviting work environment.

Do Toss: Things to Get Rid of in Your Office or Work Space

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks and involve others in the process. Just like when decluttering at home, have people start with low-hanging fruit. Common items that may need to be tossed include:

  • Old magazines, newspapers, files and other paper products
  • Receipts that don’t possess work value or tax-deductible purposes
  • Items leftover from past clients or projects that are not relevant or useful
  • Pens and writing materials that are out of ink
  • Other outdated office supplies
  • Any defective and unused furniture 
  • Outdated electronic equipment whose parts can no longer be replaced

Don’t Overlook the Kitchen – Replace Old Food with Snacks with a Longer Shelf Life

Shared lunch spaces quickly become unappealing if they aren’t cleaned frequently. And a little extra organization can go a long way in any spaces that are visible to large numbers of people. There may be many items in the kitchen that can be tossed, from unclaimed lunches in the fridge to broken cups abandoned in the back of cupboards. A clean kitchenette stocked with fresh snacks that everyone can enjoy will help build your office morale back up, as well.

Don’t Toss:  What a Modern Work Space Still Needs

Your office storage spaces are likely full of old supplies and equipment that no longer function properly. But it’s ok to hold on to items that are still in good condition, even if they are not currently in use. Break out spaces, decent furniture for shared spaces or waiting rooms, and even vintage magazines and artwork can add character to a work space. You still want to preserve some character, as long as it is in keeping with your brand identity. If there is still space for that well-preserved but empty rolling file, might as well keep it in the closet for now.

Entice Workers to Help Out With Gourmet, Sweet and Salty Snacks

Maintaining a clean, organized and modern office can take a little dedication and even creativity. Just like with everything else, successful results may be dependent on collaboration and teamwork.

You could also thank your staff for participating by sending out digital gift cards for sweet and savory gourmet snacks. Simply choose a date for sending your gift and let gourmet snack provider Funky Chunky do the rest. We make it easy for organizations to Include a personalized message that their recipient will appreciate and remember.  

At Funky Chunky, our team of experts is ready to assist you with delicious snacks for any occasion or event. We can handle every step, including customization for that personal touch. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how to get started!
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