Tips for Creating the Ideal Office Break Room

Joe Malicdem

The office break room is an oft-overlooked but very important space in any organization. Office breaks are a valuable part of the workday. When stocked with snacks, beverages, clean dishes and a place to store these items, a special room to take breaks gives employees a chance to stretch their legs, take a break from their work, and socialize. They can also be used to recharge, which is important for keeping up morale when working long hours.

A typical company break room has a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee maker, and usually a table or two where employees can share the latest office gossip over a quick snack or drink. But we’ve all seen communal kitchens and snack rooms that are in sore need of an upgrade - and there’s no point in having one that will bring down the mood of whoever enters. Upgrading it can be done simply by sprucing up an aging room with a fresh paint job or new appliances. 

But just as important, your workers and colleagues will be impressed by a clean space stocked with delicious gourmet snack food that everyone will enjoy.

Provide Your Workers a Space to Take Regular Breaks 

Office breaks are a necessary part of the workday. Not only are there laws mandating breaks, but they also keep workers healthy and productive. A break can help to restore energy and focus, and can also help to reduce stress. Office breaks can also be used to get some fresh air, which is crucial for keeping their energy level up. Some may go for a quick coffee run, while others take a break in the office with colleagues. Providing your workers a clean, attractive space away from their desks will help make these moments productive and less time-consuming without distracting people who are concentrating at their desks.

When an office has a break room, employees are more likely to take breaks and use the space to connect with each other. A well-designed break room can help foster a productive environment, and can also provide a comfortable space in which to relax.

How to Improve Your Office Kitchen or Break Room

It should be clear by now that providing a decent space to take office breaks is an essential part of any workplace. They allow employees to take a break from their work and relax. Whether you're taking a five-minute break to stretch or an hour-long break to catch up on email, you need to make sure you have a designated break room that people will enjoy in comfort. Some newer break rooms also have characteristics such as ample seating, a television, and a computer.

Fortunately, there are many ways to take just about any shared space up a notch:

  1. Keep it clean
  2. Have rules and post them
  3. Keep it stocked with high-quality snacks
  4. Encourage workers to use shared spaces
  5. Provide sufficient storage space
  6. Spruce it up with seasonal decor

Stock Your Communal Kitchen Using Gourmet Snack Food Service 

Skeptical that this small space can produce important developments for your business? Take a moment to think about all the positive things that can happen during lunch breaks, snack breaks and those fleeting moments when coworkers connect over coffee. 

Funky Chunky provides growing organizations with multiple ways to keep their break room stocked, including a digital solution using online orders to help streamline the process. Simply give us a call and ask about what you need or shipments to get where you need them, and when. We can help with the rest, choosing products for many occasions:

  • To recognize a job well done at work 
  • As birthday and holiday gifts
  • To reconnect with potential business partners 
  • To stock your break room with quality snacks
  • To keep your brand top of mind

At Funky Chunky, our team of experts is ready to assist you with orders for your organization. We can handle every step, from customizing your order to making sure it arrives by key deadlines. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.

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