Why Fall Is Everyone’s Favorite Season

Joe Malicdem

Let’s face it: there’s one main reason everyone likes to celebrate this time of year. Fall is here! 

Over the past few weeks, the leaves have begun falling from the trees in many regions, signifying cooler times to come. These cooler temperatures make many people happy as they swap out sunblock for comfy sweaters and hot beverages - but they can still spend time outdoors as well as in. 

That’s one of the perks of event planning: the flexibility that comes after summer. It makes for a beautiful backdrop for all types of celebrations. People love the changing leaves and the cheerful atmosphere that comes with the season. There are many festivals happening all around the country that people love, and smart organizational leaders incorporate similar themes at the office and wherever their brand is represented. 

Corporate Leaders Also Use This Time of Year to Plan a Fresh Start

Everyone likes a reason to party. From back-to-school time in September to the end-of-year holidays, there’s a lot of celebrating to squeeze in a fairly short period of time. Some people even choose to boost the mental health benefits of the season by incorporating more nature in their routines, setting goals, and partaking in fall-themed activities and events. Sweeten up those events with handmade tasty treats and you’ve got a winner.

Every season has its charms, but sometimes it can seem like this time of year brings out the best in people. The colors are so vivid and the leaves change so dramatically. It can also be a peaceful time of year - not just to spend with friends and family, but also your “work family.” You know, those people you bond with over spreadsheets and timelines, who you reach out to when you’re stressed over a looming deadline and who go the extra mile to make your business run smoothly.

Why Plan an Autumn Event?

One reason corporate events exist is to show support and create a positive environment where bonds will be forged (and maybe some key business partnerships, as well). So there are many reasons to look at the psychological effect of your seasonal soiree. VerywellMind recommends keeping these themes in mind for your autumn event:

⦁ As a temporal landmark, the fall season influences “how we see and use time, and tends to boost people’s motivation.”

⦁ Folks view fall as a time for fresh starts.

⦁ You can maximize the mental health benefits of the season by encouraging goal setting and prioritizing activities with timely themes attached. 

People Will Come - and Stay - for the Gourmet Snacks 

No matter the event, the rule of thumb is that providing something delicious and attractively arranged will get people where you need them, create bonds and broaden your audience. Funky Chunky provides growing organizations with multiple ways to use food: as an edible thank-you gift or to help you dress up your autumn-themed fundraiser. We recommend a few things this time of year. Dress up your next event with autumnal colors and hues. Incorporate positive messaging and bright images in your campaign. And, most important, include visually appealing presentations of snacks and edible items. 

Whether you need to send gifts to a few people or thousands, Funky Chunky makes it easy to order and be remembered. Out clients get to:

⦁ Add their own logo

⦁ Choose their preferred ribbon colors

⦁ Add a personalized note card

⦁ Ship to multiple locations

At Funky Chunky, our team of experts is ready to assist you with orders for any purpose or event. We can handle every step, from customizing your order to making sure it arrives by key deadlines. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

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