Tips on Getting Your Workers to Get Along … Over Food

Joe Malicdem

If your organization has struggled with employee retention, work arguments or keeping up morale in the office, we have a simple tip for you. Use food. 

Some businesses avoid resolving worker retention issues, assuming that the fault is in the workers themselves. They get into a cycle of hiring and firing, hoping the next batch of employees will be more positive than the last one. 

They might be underestimating the power of flavor. Involve your workers’ taste buds in your solutions! You may be trying out different solutions already, but it does help to be intentional about the use of snacks, meals, and other edible incentives. 

Some Facts About Workplace Morale

First, a few things to know about workplace morale, according to data collected by Haiilo:

  • Only about one in five workers feel engaged with their jobs.
  • Over two thirds of businesses consider morale critical to their success.
  • Most U.S. companies find retaining employees more difficult than hiring them.
  • Organizations spend nearly $3 million a day searching for new workers.

Notice a pattern? Makes one wonder if they tried incorporating tasty, gourmet snacks in their efforts. 

Why Upscale Snacks Are Effective at Bringing Workers Together and Improving Their Output

Organizations today can get caught up in the idea that you have to plan something elaborate or expensive to improve workplace relationships. And many of those efforts may certainly do the trick. Retreats, special amenities like an in-house gym, pricey consultants. But will those things really get to the heart of the issue – and be available at your fingertips every time tensions rise at work? 

Naturally, you’ll need to consider the specific circumstances around your workplace issues. If it’s two employees of opposite personalities that tend to clash when the stakes are high, it will likely be necessary to air the issue privately, in a way that gives each person an opportunity to express themselves honestly. They will also need to hear in no uncertain terms that it’s more important to support the group than to nurse personal grudges. if a person’s moods are bringing down the whole team, you may even get to the point where that person should no longer play a role in your company at all. 

Benefits of Cost-Effective Solutions Involving Snacks

Before getting to that point, why not try out some simple, fun, cost-effective solutions that everyone can enjoy? Providing upscale snacks at work have many benefits and uses:

  1. Feed hunger cravings and boost energy to help people work.
  2. Help team members let off steam in the break room between shifts. 
  3. Make it easier to take breaks and refuel on premise. 
  4. Provide conversation starters for folks who don’t know each other very well. 
  5. Lighten the mood when people are problem solving together. 

Use Popular Snack Items to Celebrate Small Accomplishments & Special Occasions

Maybe it makes sense to take out workers to lunch or dinner to celebrate high-paying, hard-won contracts and accomplishments. But also look for smaller reasons to break out the treats. These small gestures can go a long way in boosting morale and making your people feel appreciated:

  • Birthdays
  • Personal occasions
  • Deadlines that are met
  • Anniversaries of old hires
  • Welcoming new hires

When you look for smaller moments to celebrate, your positive message can spread throughout the office and even help create bonds among your more reticent employees. 

Partner with Upscale Sweet & Salty Snack Provider Funky Chunky

As for what kind of food to provide, quality does matter. Based in the Midwest, gourmet snack provider Funky Chunky creates all of its products in small batches to ensure that only the highest quality of goods are produced. That’s why we have such a loyal following. Just check out our testimonials from customers who keep coming back for more. 

At Funky Chunky, we can handle large orders of a wide range of high-end snack products. We will help you make the best selections, include customized messages, and send them wherever you need them. Contact us today to find out more about our offerings!

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