Hot Tips on Holding a Great Summer Event for Your Business

Joe Malicdem

Want to market your brand to a wider audience? Summer is a great time to hold an event – especially in areas where people have been cooped up at home during cooler months. When planning your summer soiree, there are typically a number of goals you’ll want to achieve:

  • Draw in outsiders new to your organization
  • Engage your corporate team
  • Make it pay off financially 
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Create relationships and strengthen alliances

Just as important, you want it to result in a good time for everyone without going over-budget. With the use of a helpful planning guide (and the best fundraising snack providers available), your next summer event should be a piece of cake.

Take Advantage of Warmer Weather – But Have a Backup Contingency Plan

One of the scariest things about outdoor event planning can be the unexpected thunderstorm that drowns out all of your ambitious planning. Even if the date you’re shooting for is typically dry and warm, have a contingency plan that allows your team to easily adjust your space to the elements. Sturdy tents are often used for this reason, and you want to ensure they are from a reliable service and have been storm-tested so they don’t uproot and fly away at the first gust of wind.

That doesn’t mean the activities shouldn’t take place outside in the sun! The great outdoors provides the perfect backdrop for music entertainment and fun bonding activities in a way that an indoor setting can’t. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast well in advance so that any necessary adjustments to your gala don’t take you by surprise. Between rain and air quality warnings, assuming a mix of both can be the best route for a multi-purpose event.

Use Upscale, Small Business Food Service Providers Like Funky Chunky

Everyone loves to eat. Keep in mind that the goodies you serve will leave a lasting impression on your guests. To be on the safe side, avoid the usual bland food items that will seem generic and uninspired. Instead, partner with a gourmet snack provider such as Funky Chunky to supply treats and appetizers that people will love. 

When you use smaller businesses for edible offerings, their small batch production of sweet and salty sustenance will provide higher quality that will contribute to a better overall experience. And in doing so, you’re sending the message to the recipients that you value keeping money in the local economy, and helping to create jobs. This is a win-win for anyone who wants to promote a positive image in today’s world. 

Prepare to Gather Guest Information and Follow Up on New Contacts

There are many ways to keep track of the guests that attend an event – both before and afterward. The Venue at Friendship Springs in Georgia has even more helpful tips on how to streamline this process:

  1. Figure out how many people are attending
  2. Have a visible location for guests to check in 
  3. Compare number to how many people showed up
  4. Provide branded takeaway souvenirs, however small
  5. Afterward, send out thank you letters 
  6. Hold surveys to discover what people enjoyed or would like to see improved

Getting feedback lets attendees know their opinion is valued. It also helps organizations to host even better events in the future.

Incorporate Fun Outdoor Activities with Corporate Gift Cards as Prizes

Is a team building day on the calendar? There is no end to what companies are doing to encourage trust and better collaboration among their ranks. Better yet: sweeten the deal. Use corporate gifts (or gift cards) for gourmet pretzels or caramel popcorn drizzled in chocolate to incentivize competing teams. 

From physical activities like golf and archery to more creative endeavors such as escape rooms and obstacle courses, segments of the day (or physical sections of the grounds) can be earmarked for unique, organizational activities to liven things up. This brings people together in a way that standing around indoors won’t, and it also builds positive memories that will benefit your brand long after the day ends.

Appeal to Taste Buds: Invest in Delicious, Upscale Treats for Your Next Event

Looking for a snack provider who is passionate about their craft? With a variety of tasty, gourmet snacks, the team at Funky Chunky is more invested in their products, resulting in high-quality food that you can feel good about supporting. Give us a call and we’ll help you select a delicious array of snacks for your event. We’ll also walk you through the process and make sure you get what you need, when and where you need it.

At Funky Chunky, we offer a broad array of high-end snacks that can enhance any corporate occasion. Contact us today to start planning your next event today!

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